It’s official — K-pop sensation Blackpink has landed in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)!

This collaboration will release new Blackpink PUBG skins for all players, including collaboration bundles, weapons, and emotes.

Blackpink PUBG skins release date

These special collaboration bundles will be released on August 4 for PC users and August 12 for console players. This was announced in the teaser video posted on PUBG’s social media accounts.

How to get Blackpink PUBG skins

These new skins will feature Blackpink girls Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, and Rosé in their own PUBG bundles.

You purchase these collaboration bundles when PUBG’s 13.1 update drops.

Blackpink PUBG skins — Jisoo bundle

Blackpink PUBG skins, Jisoo
Credit: Tencent Games

Jisoo’s PUBG bundle includes a sleek black dress, a pair of black shorts, fishnet stockings, and a blonde wig. She wore this outfit when the group was promoting “Lovesick Girls.”

Blackpink PUBG skins — Jennie bundle

Blackpink PUBG skins, Rose
Credit: Tencent Games

Jennie’s bundle features her pure white iconic outfit from “DDU-DU DDU-DU” which shows a sparkly crop top, shorts, fishnet stockings, and a high ponytail hairstyle.

Blackpink PUBG skins — Lisa bundle

Blackpink PUBG skins, Lisa
Credit: Tencent Games

Lisa’s PUBG skin bundle cops her look from the “Lovesick Girls” era — a plaid top, pleated denim skirt, lace-up boots, and her short hairdo.

Blackpink PUBG skins — Rosé bundle

Blackpink PUBG skins, Jennie
Credit: Tencent Games

Just like the Lisa skin bundle, Rosé’s PUBG collaboration bundle was inspired by her outfit from “Lovesick Girls”. Steal Rosé’s look comprising a jumper dress, black shorts, white ankle boots, and her pink-gold hairstyle.

Blackpink PUBG items

Of course, this collaboration would not be complete without some gorgeous weapons, helmets, and backpacks adorned in familiar pink and black hues for all Blinks (Blackpink’s fandom name).

There’s even a Blackpink PUBG parachute featuring the actual faces of Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, and Rosé!

Blackpink PUBG emotes

Blackpink PUBG emotes
Credit: Tencent Games

Players can also strut their stuff in-game with Blackpink PUBG emotes featuring the girls’ most popular dance moves from “DDU-DU DDU-DDU”, “Lovesick Girls”, and “How You Like That”.

Blackpink PUBG skins price

Blackpink, PUBG Mobile
Credit: Tencent

PUBG has not yet released the price of these skins, costumes, bundles, and items.

(To be updated)

Blackpink PUBG ID

PUBG, Blackpink skins, Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, Rose, Blackpink PUBG ID
Credit: Tencent Games, YG Entertainment

Prior to this new PUBG collaboration, Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, and Rosé all already appeared in a PUBG Mobile fun match last year.

The event revealed their official Blackpink PUBG IDs on the mobile version of the game:

  • Jisoo Blackpink PUBG ID: 51009780171 (JisooPUBGM)
  • Jennie Blackpink PUBG ID: 51009797582 (JenniePUBGM)
  • Lisa Blackpink PUBG ID: 51009791380 (LisaPUBGM)
  • Rosé Blackpink PUBG ID: 51009801702 (RoséPUBGM)

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