You’ll soon be able to review your past Overwatch games thanks to a new Replay feature that is now available on the PTR.

The Replay Client will let you watch any of your past ten games from any players perspective, as well as third-person and bird’s-eye views.

You’ll also be able to slow down or speed up the footage, or even turn off the UI to take screenshots of your most epic plays. If you tried out the Overwatch World Cup 2018 Viewer feature, this is the same client.

The PTR patch also includes some adjustments to Assault maps like Hanamura, Volskaya Industries, and Paris:

  • Time awarded for capturing Point A on all Assault maps has been reduced from 4 minutes to 3 minutes.
  • Upon losing Point A, any defenders that are dead, or that die shortly thereafter, will have a maximum respawn of 3.5 seconds.

Assault (commonly referred to as 2CP) maps are disliked by much of the community, due to attackers tending to either snowball both points extremely quickly, or getting stuck for the full eight minutes. Christian “cocco” Jonsson, Dallas Fuel’s original main tank (back when they were known as EnVyUs), recently announced that he was quitting the game “until [he] can opt out of 2CP.”

The changes will make it much harder for attackers to snowball Point B, as you will no longer be able to wipe the defending team at Point A and attack Point B before they’ve even had a chance to fully respawn. The attacking team will also have less time overall, which should prevent games from getting bogged down when the defense is already entrenched.

The patch also includes some hero adjustments with Baptiste, McCree, and Orisa receiving buffs, and D.Va and Torbjörn getting nerfed.

You can read the full patch notes here.

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