Overwatch celebrates its third anniversary today with a new in-game event that introduces six new legendary skins, five epic skins, and new dance emotes for Baptiste, Ashe, and Wrecking Ball. The event also sees the return of all previous event cosmetics and their respective Arcade modes.

The new legendary skins include the previously revealed schoolgirl D.Va skin, which Overwatch game director Jeff Kapan said would “break the internet” (it probably won’t).

Other highlights include a gargoyle skin for Winston, a reanimated skeleton skin for Roadhog, a riot police skin for Brigette, an astronaut skin for Pharah, and a bubble tea waitress skin for Mei. You can check out all the skins here:

As for the new dances, Ashe gets a cowgirl-appropriate line dance (and no, unfortunately, B.O.B. doesn’t have his own dance). Baptiste gets a konpa dance, which according to Wikipedia is a style of Haitian dance made popular by, wait for it…Nemours Jean-Baptiste. Finally, Wrecking Ball gets a hamster dance, which features the little guy breakdancing while his mech beatboxes.

Overwatch’s third anniversary event is live now until June 11.

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