The second Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero to be released in 2021 is another mage, Yve (pronounced “Eve”), who comes after Paquito and Mathilda. With skin that glows in various shades of nebula purple, the Astrowarden looks nothing like her MLBB counterparts, not even Zhask.

Floating in an air of elegance, Yve is a mage who specializes in poke and burst damage. According to Moonton, she is squishy, provides more crowd control than raw offensive power, and is above average difficulty.

Role, speciality and stats of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang mage hero, Yve
Credit: Moonton

What makes her unique is her ultimate, which introduces a brand new mechanic to the game. It creates a grid, where players can tap or slide over the boxes to deal damage to enemies like a minigame!

First skill – Void Blast

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang mage hero, Yve's first skill, Void Blast animation
Credit: Moonton

Yve detonates galactic energy in a designated area, dealing magic damage to enemy targets. Targets in the central area takes extra magic damage.

Use this skill to continually harass enemies in lane for it has a very low cooldown. Once your opponent has been poked down, cast her second skill, Void Crystal, to restrain their movements.

Second skill – Void Crystal

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang mage hero, Yve's second skill, Void Crystal
Credit: Moonton

Yve summons a void crystal in a designated area, dealing magic damage to the targets hit. A recast will cause the crystal to radiate materialized energy in a chosen direction, inflicting magic damage and a slow on enemies hit.

Ultimate – Real World Manipulation

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang mage hero, Yve's ultimate, Real World Manipulation
Credit: Moonton

Yve creates a starfield in a designated direction. Enemies at the edge will be slowed.

When the starfield is present on the battlefield, Yve can utilize her power to launch up to 15 waves of attacks to enemies in the area of effect:

  • A single tap deals damage to enemies in the target tile
  • Sliding on the starfield inflicts a slow effect and continuous magic damage onto enemies within the chosen tiles

In addition, when the starfield is present, Yve is immune to knockback or airborne effects. She will not be able to launch attacks when she is suppressed, and the starfield will be cancelled, so find a safe spot to finish enemies off.

Passive – Galactic Power

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang mage Yve's passive, Galatic Power
Credit: Moonton

Yve gains Galactic Power when dealing damage to enemy heroes with her first two skills, Void Blast and Void Crystal, capped at ten stacks.

She will consume all the stored Galactic Power when she uses her ultimate skill, which gives her additional attack attempts.

Watch the full Yve hero spotlight below:

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