Updated on January 14, 9:07 p.m. (GMT+8): Updated the scores for the last day of the knockout stage.

The stage is now set for the highly-anticipated knockout phase of the M4 World Championship.

Defending champion Blacklist International has made it to the upper bracket after a clutch victory in a tightly-contested tiebreaker series on the third day of the group stage. Other teams such as ECHO, Falcon Esports, Team HAQ, and RRQ Hoshi have also advanced to the upper bracket, after dominating their respective groups.

The bottom two teams in each of the four groups will fight for their tournament lives in the lower bracket. One notable matchup in the first round of the lower bracket will see North America’s The Valley go up against MPL KH champion Burn X Flash, both tournament heavyweights.

Here’s everything you need to know about the M4 World Championship knockout stage, including its schedule, brackets, and results.

M4 World Championship knockout stage schedule and results

M4 World Championship Knockout stage bracket and schedule

Upper bracket quarterfinal (January 7)

Falcon Esports0 — 3ONIC Esports
ECHO3 — 2Team HAQ

Upper bracket quarterfinal (January 8)

Todak0 — 3RRQ Hoshi
RRQ Akira1 — 3Blacklist International

Lower bracket first round (January 9)

RSG SG0 — 2S11 Argentina
Incendio Supremacy2 — 0MDH Esports
The Valley2 — 0Burn x Flash
Malvinas Gaming0 — 2Occupy Thrones

RSG, MDH Esports, Burn x Flash, and Malvinas Gaming have been eliminated

Lower bracket second round (January 10)

Falcon Esports2 — 0S11 Argentina
Team HAQ1 — 2Incendio Supremacy
Todak0 — 2The Valley
RRQ Akira2 — 0Occupy Thrones

S11 Argentina, Team HAQ, Todak, and Occupy Thrones have been eliminated.

Lower bracket third round (January 11)

Falcon Esports3 — 2Incendio Supremacy

Incendio Supremacy has been eliminated.

Upper bracket semifinal (January 11)

RRQ Hoshi2 — 3Blacklist International

Lower bracket third round (January 12)

The Valley3 — 1RRQ Akira

RRQ Akira has been eliminated.

Upper bracket semifinal (January 12)

ONIC Esports1 — 3ECHO

Lower bracket quarterfinal (January 13)

Falcon Esports2 — 3RRQ Hoshi
The Valley1 — 3ONIC Esports

Falcon Esports and The Valley have been eliminated.

Upper bracket final (January 13)

Blacklist International3 — 2ECHO

Lower bracket semifinal (January 14)

RRQ Hoshi3 — 0ONIC Esports

ONIC Esports has been eliminated.

Lower bracket final (January 14)

ECHO3 — 1RRQ Hoshi

RRQ Hoshi has been eliminated.

Grand final (January 15)

Blacklist International0 — 4ECHO

ECHO wins the M4 World Championship!

Here’s everything you need to know about the M4 World Championship, including the M4 pass.

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