Updated on March 5, 11:58 a.m. (GMT+8): Updated the article for the event rerun, which features two new skins.

The Aspirants, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang‘s first-ever anime skin line, is back this month with new surprises and exclusive skins to unlock.

After Miss Hikari Layla, Blade of Kibou Fanny, Mecha Maiden Ruby, and Cyber Cherubin Angela, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and anime fans alike can now get their hands on the newest Deadeye Spectre Lesley and Tech Tensai Chang’e skins starting March 4, 2024.

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Aside from the two new skins, there is also a new exclusive recall and elimination effect available for purchase.

Here’s everything you need to know about the rerun of the Aspirants event.

How to get the Deadeye Spectre Lesley and Tech Tensai Chang’e in The Aspirants Unite event

The Aspirants Unite rerun skins -- Deadeye Spectre Lesley and Tech Tensai Chang'e skins
Credit: Moonton Games

Players need to open a Terrinia Box on the events page to get one of two exclusive skins.

To do this, you need to collect Orb of Hopes in the draw event and use them to hit a Terrinia Box thrice in a minigame to open the box. 10x draws grant you one Orb of Hope.

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The first draw costs 210 diamonds and has a 50% discount every day.

The first 10x draw has a one-time 50% discount. An unowned Epic or better skin is guaranteed in the first 10x draw.

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The event will run until April 3, 2024. The previous Aspirants skins are not available in this rerun.

There’s a new spawn, elimination, and avatar border up for grabs as well.

How to top up diamonds in Mobile Legends

Click on the Aspirants Unite Special Bonus in the events tab to access the exchange page. Unlike the skins that are available by opening Terrinia Boxes, Battle Suit Fragments are what’s needed for the cosmetic rewards.

The exclusive spawn and elimination effects require eight Battle Suit Fragments, while the avatar border only needs four, and the emote, two. Here’s how to obtain Battle Suit Fragments.

Log in to the game1
Recharge any amount of diamonds1
Recharge 50 diamonds1
Recharge 150 diamonds2
Recharge 300 diamonds2
Recharge 600 diamonds3
Recharge 1200 diamonds5
Spend 100 diamonds on the event1
Spend 250 diamonds on the event1
Spend 600 diamonds on the event2
Sped 1200 diamonds on the event3

Bundles such as sacred statues for the skins are also available in the in-game shop for 10 diamonds, while the exclusive recall is available for 15 diamonds.

There’s a small chance of getting the sacred statues permanently.

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