Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one of the biggest mobile MOBA titles in the world. With an expanding esports scene and a dedicated community supporting the game, big esports organizations such as Navi have acquired their own team to join its rapidly rising popularity.

However, Team Secret, which has teams in Wild Rift and Valorant, won’t be entering the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang market in Southeast Asia any time soon, according to the organization’s CEO, John Yao.

Team Secret’s reason why they’re not entering the MLBB scene right now

Team Secret at the Wild Rift Horizon Cup
Credit: 2021 Riot Games, Inc. Used With Permission

In an interview with Yahoo Gaming SEA, John Yao talked about the organization’s expansion in Southeast Asia, mentioning that they already have plans to build a gaming house in the Philippines to house its esports teams.

“[For] the Philippines, I’ll be in the country in 2022 because we will be building some infrastructure there,” John Yao shared. “We are going to have a team house there.”

Team Secret have established teams in Wild Rift and PUBG Mobile, both popular mobile esports titles in the region. When asked whether he has plans on penetrating the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang market, Yao elaborated on why he isn’t keen on the idea at the moment.

“If you are an organization that is focused on Southeast Asia, in particular the Philippines or Indonesia, then you need to have an MLBB team, right? It’s the biggest esport in those two countries,” he said. “But if you are in one of the other countries or if you’re a more global brand, then it may not make sense for you at this point in time.”

John Yao on the possibility of having a Team Secret Mobile Legends team in the near future

Yao isn’t closing any doors for a possibility of having a Team Secret MLBB team in the future. Even though he acknowledged the high viewership of recent MLBB tournaments, most of the viewers are from the Philippines, Indonesia, and Southeast Asia in general.

“If viewership in other regions starts to increase then it might make sense one day, but I don’t think we’re quite there yet,” Yao concluded.

You can watch the full video below.

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