The teams are all set for the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Indonesia Season 12 (MPL ID Season 12).

The grand finalists will secure their slot in the M5 World Championship, the biggest MLBB tournament, which will take place in the Philippines.

Defending champions ONIC Esports made a significant move during the offseason when they signed RRQ’s former star jungler Albert “Alberttt” Iskandar.

The regular season will start on July 13, and will run until September 24.

To keep you informed, here is the full roster of each team competing this season.

Full roster of every team in MPL ID Season 12

ONIC Esports

ONIC Esports' full roster for MPL ID Season 12
Credit: MPL Indonesia

Coming off back-to-back championships and a victory in MSC 2023, ONIC Esports have retained the core of their roster in a bid to strive for a three-peat in MPL ID.

Moreover, they added two-time MPL winner Alberttt, making their already formidable squad a stronger force to reckon with.

Muhammad “Butsss” SanubariEXP lane
Kairi “Kairi” RayosdelsolJungle
Gilang “S A N Z”Mid lane
Calvin “CW” WinataGold lane
Nicky “Kiboy” FernandoRoam
Albert Neilsen “Alberttt” IskandarJungle
Adriand “Drian” WongMid lane

EVOS Legends

EVOS Legends' players pose for a photo for their MPL ID Season 12 roster reveal
Credit: EVOS Esports

EVOS Legends acquired Aura Fire’s former EXP laner Regi “Fluffy” Marviola to replace Rizqi “Saykots” Iskandar, who was transferred to their MDL team, EVOS Icon.

They also brought Gerald “Dlar” Trinchera and Arthur “Sutsujin” Sunarkho back to the main squad for MPL ID Season 12.

Regi “Fluffy” MarviolaEXP lane
Darrel “Tazz” WijayaJungle
Dalvin “Hijumee” PutraMid lane
Jabran “Branz” WilokoGold lane
Rachmad “DreamS” WahyudiRoam
Gerald “Dlar” TrincheraEXP lane
Arthur “Sutsujin” SunarkhoJungle
Vincentsius “VaanStrong” AdriantoMid lane
Muhammad “Cr1te” YusufRoam

Alter Ego

Alter Ego's players attend a press conference during their MPL ID Season 12 roster announcement
Credit: ONE Esports

Following an impressive third-place finish last season, ONE Esports MPLI 2020 winners Alter Ego have kept their star jungler Eldin “Celiboy” Putra and other mainstays.

Additionally, they signed M1 world champion player Gustian “R E K T”, who is expected to share his vast knowledge and experience in the MLBB pro scene.

Rafly “Pai” SudrajatEXP lane
Eldin “Celiboy” PutraJungle
Muhammad “Udil” ArdiansyahMid lane
Syauki “Nino” SumarnoGold lane
Rasya “Rasy” WisitaRoam
Michael “Variety” TjandraJungle
Gustian “R E K T”Roam


RRQ's full roster for MPL ID Season 12
Credit: RRQ

After the departure of Alberttt and Calvin “VYN”, RRQ brought in ex-EVOS Legends jungler Ferdyansyah “Ferxiic” Kamaruddin and former Falcon Esports roamer Min “Naomi” Ko, who became the first Burmese import in the league.

With a new-look roster, the “King of Kings” will aim to return to the podium this season.

Andre “Banana” PutraEXP lane
Ferdyansyah “Ferxiic” KamaruddinJungle
Deden “Clayyy” NurhasanMid lane
Schevenko “Skylar” TendeanGold lane
Min “Naomi” KoRoam
Muhammad “Lemon” IkhsanMultirole
Yesaya “XINNN” WowilingGold lane
Deven “Cipuy” MarkosMultirole

Bigetron Alpha

Bigetron Alpha's full roster for MPL ID Season 12
Credit: Bigetron Esports

Bigetron Alpha welcomed VYN back to their fold after a successful stint in RRQ.

The three-time MPL champion player is expected to lead the charge for Bigetron in MPL ID Season 12, along with fellow veteran player Hengky “Kyy” Kurniawan.

I “Xorizo” DwipayanaEXP lane
Kenneth “SUPER Kenn” MarcelloJungle
Marcel “Morenoo” Juan Moreno SinulinggaMid lane
Dicky “Saken” CahyanaGold lane
Calvin “VYN”Roam
Hengky “Kyy” KurniawanRoam

Geek Fam

Geek Fam's players stand on the MPL Indonesia stage during a match in Season 11
Credit: ONE Esports

After qualifying for the playoffs for the first time, Geek Fam will stick to their core players led by Filipino roamer Allen “Baloyskie” Baloy.

Furthermore, they recruited Bigetron Alpha’s former gold laner Mark Christian “Markyyyyy” Capacio, who has reunited with Baloyskie. They also signed ONIC Prodigy’s ex-jungler Nnael to fill in the role left by Mark “Janaaqt” Lazaro, who was loaned to Blacklist International.

Luke “Luke” ValentinusEXP lane
Valent “Aboy” PutraMid lane
Mohammad “Caderaa” PambudiGold lane
Allen “Baloyskie” BaloyRoam
Mark Christian “Markyyyyy” CapacioGold lane

Rebellion Zion

Rebellion Zion's full roster for MPL ID Season 12
Credit: Rebellion Esports

Despite getting eliminated early last season, Rebellion Zion have decided to keep four of their players, addeding Zulfikar “Audycs” from Bigetron Beta to replace Bernard “Widjanarko” Widjanarko.

Karsten “Karss” WilliamEXP lane
Vincent “Vincentt” SuwnadhiJungle
Attanasius “SwayLow” SihalohoMid lane
Dhannya “Haiz” HoputraGold lane
Zulfikar “AudyTzy”Roam
RenbuuMid lane


Aura Fire's full roster for MPL ID Season 12
Credit: AURA Esports

After finishing at the bottom of the standings in the previous season, Aura Fire parted ways with their legendary roamer Erico “God1va”. Their former jungler Jehuda “H i g h” Sumual, will be taking up the role.

They also promoted Kimura and Syndrome from their MDL ID team.

KimuraEXP lane
Silvan “VAN” VannessJungle
SyndromeMid lane
Leonardo “Kabuki” AgungGold lane
Jehuda “H i g h” SumualRoam
Usep “Facehugger” SatiawanMid lane

Dewa United Esports

Dewa United Esports' full roster for MPL ID Season 12
Credit: Dewa United Esports

Dewa United Esports is newest team to join MPL ID since it adopted a franchise-based league system in Season 4.

For their MPL debut, they will field their MDL squad that finished second last season. Additionally, they have recruited veteran roamer Julian “LeoMurphy” Murphy from Alter Ego.

Dyx0nEXP lane
Delvin “Lanaya” GunawanJungle
Indra “Keyz” SetiawanMid lane
Supriadi “Watt”Gold lane
Ricky “Shacco” ErlanggaRoam
Sebastian “Pendragon” ArthurEXP lane
Reynaldo “Reyy” FerdiandJungle
Julian “LeoMurphy” MurphyRoam

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