The Mobile Legends Pro League ID has finished its third week with last’s week leaders, Bigetron Alpha, still perfect and in the lead.

Week 3 results

Aura 0 – 2 RRQ



Alter Ego 2 1 ONIC

GEEK 0 – 2 BTR

GFLX 2– 0 AE

EVOS 1 – 2 Aura

Match of the Week: Aura vs EVOS Legends

Week 3’s standout match was a stunning reverse sweep by Aura against EVOS Legends.

Even with Aura matching up to their opponents fairly well in the first game, EVOS dished out a triple-kill wipeout to Aura to take the lead.

However, Aura managed to turn things around in game two. EVOS may have been the more experienced team, but Aura surprised them with quick-fire plays that gave them the kill/gold advantage.

By the 23-minute mark, Yehezkiel “Phoenix” Parmonangan cleared out EVOS’ creep waves to ensure Aura’s potential final push.

Aura finally got their big break by taking down Muhammad “Buts” Sanubari at the beginning of a mid-lane clash. With the rest of Aura pressuring the middle lane, Erico “Godiva” flanked Gustian “Rekt” for the kill, while M.Ilham “Vaanstrong” Hadi picked off Ihsan “Luminaire” Kusudana.

With only two people left to defend the EVO base inhibitor, Aura sieged the base to tie up the scoreboard.

Aura kept their momentum up in game three, risking their lives for the early kill/gold advantage. By the ten-minute mark, Aura looked unstoppable with around an 8K gold advantage and 8 kill lead.

For the final push, Aura summoned the Lord to help with the last mid-lane tower. Sure enough, Aura easily overpowered EVOS as they stormed the base with Hafizhan “Clover” Mirzaputra instantly deleting a defending Luminaire. With no towers left for EVOS, Aura destroyed the base inhibitor to close out their reverse sweep.

Player of the Week: M “Lemon” Ikhsan

In RRQ Hoshi’s only match this week, Lemon played a deadly Dyrroth that charged headstrong into every battle, seeking out kill after kill on Aura’s players.

In this clip, Lemon shows off his quick-reaction time to ambush Aura before they can interrupt RRQ’s Lord rush.

With just one Spectre Step, Lemon found Godiva and instantly deleted him. With Mohd “Wizzking” Zulkifli tower diving to finish off Vaanstrong, Lemon and the rest of RRQ pummeled Clover and Phoenix, ending the game with a triple-kill wipe-out.


With Week 3 of MPL ID done, Bigetron Alpha leads the league with a 5-0 standing.

RRQ takes second place with a 4-1 standing while EVOS Legends stay put in third place with a 3-2 standing.

Alter Ego and Aura are tied for fourth place with an even 3-3 standing while Onic (2-3) takes sixth place.

GFLX take their first win (1-4) and sits in seventh place while Geek Fam stays winless (0-5) at the bottom of the leaderboard.

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