Team Philippines and Team Indonesia fought an intense series in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang gold medal match at the 30th SEA Games.

Game one

Team Philippines started out strong in their first game. Although Indonesia was ahead in kills, Philippines started pushing through every tower to maintain map dominance.

With the rest of Philippines keeping Indonesia busy near the Lord, Villa forced an amazing push through the last tower in the top lane and even took out a defending Julianto.

With Nepomuceno coming to Villa’s aid, the Filipino duo double-teamed Putra and went right for the inhibitor, grabbing the first game.

Game two

Indonesia fought back in game two, and took control early on with an aggressive playstyle.

By the tenth minute, Indonesia had an 11-kill and 10,000-gold advantage with only the base towers of the Filipino team left alive. Although Philippines tried to keep Indonesia from storming their base, Ridwan and Gustian were able to take down two Filipino players to ease their way to a win. With the Lord on his way to the last mid-tower, Indonesia were able to siege the base and destroy the main inhibitor in less than ten seconds to tie the score at 1-1.

Game three

Indonesia had another strong showing to start game three, with the Filipino squad falling victim to Gustian and Ridwan’s skill shots in the mid-lane. As the Indonesian team secured the Lord, Gustian picked up another double kill against Arcangel and Villa, completely team wiping Philippines.

Philippines managed to hold on, but Indonesia had total map control and after taking down the last mid-tower, pushed into the Filipino base to take a 2-1 series lead.

Game four

With their backs against the wall, Philippines managed to keep their composure and went with a more patient playstyle into the fourth game.

The game went on for around 20 minutes with Philippines slowly gaining map control. After clearing out Indonesia’s remaining towers, the Filipino squad walked into the Indonesian base and took the win, tying the series at 2-2.

Game five

With the series tied at 2-2, both teams were just a game away from grabbing the gold medal.

The Phillippines came out aggressively in contrast to their slow, safe approach from the previous game.

Indonesia tried to push mid, but the Filipino squad immediately grouped up and counterattacked, catching the Indonesian squad out of position. Nepomuceno was on fire in this game, claiming two double-kills while Bata-Anon’s Lolita took out Firdaus with a Noumenon Blast.

With Indonesia reeling, Philippines decided to go for Turtle instead of pushing their advantage, opting for more gold and experience.

Philippines patience paid off, as they started to gain map dominance. After taking out a lone Julianto in the top lane, the Filipino squad made their way straight into the enemy base for the finish.

Although Gustian was able to stop Philippines from rushing the inhibitor with his ult, he and his teammates eventually fell victim to Arcangel’s revolver.

With the whole Indonesian team deep into their respawn timers, Philippines destroyed the final base inhibitor to claim the gold medal.

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