The quality of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang skins has been improving over the years, and it’s no surprise that Moonton is going all out for its upcoming 515 anniversary.

The mobile game developer teased three new MLBB anime skins for Wanwan, Ling, and Yin in its new M-World trailer that adopts a sci-fi futuristic theme.

These anime-inspired skins are the second release after “The Aspirants” were released in January, which featured Miss Hikari Layla and Blade of Kibou Fanny, voiced by veteran Japanese voice actresses Yoshino Nanjo and Nana Mizuki respectively.

Preview of MLBB anime skins for Wanwan, Ling, and Yin in 515 M-World trailer

MLBB anime skins 515 M-World preview trailer
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

Moonton’s M-World trailer opens with the reveal of a new swanky 515 logo reimagined as a crest, before the words “You are invited” appear on our screens.

The visually stunning trailer then takes us into a neon-lit city where modern skyscrapers are juxtaposed against oriental, template-like structures.

Here, we catch our first glimpse of Wanwan’s MLBB anime skin which sports a black, yellow, blue, and red theme, complete with a pair of outstanding yellow sunglasses that hang from her latex blouse.

Yin, Wanwan, and Ling MLBB anime skin weapon preview in M-World trailer
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

In the second half of the trailer, MLBB fans are given a close-up of the MLBB anime skin weapons of these three heroes. Wanwan’s wrist paw still retains cat-like characteristics, while Ling’s sword still looks elegant as ever, even in its futuristic form.

Yin’s gold rings have also been reinterpreted with a modern twist. It still glows gold, but only on the inside.

Will these MLBB anime skins also come with special voice lines from Japanese voice actors? We sure hope so!

M-World will be available on April 12.

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