One of the most popular actress in the Philippines will be appearing in the Land of Dawn.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang unveiled its latest collaboration with Filipina celebrity Andrea Brillantes, featuring three new battle emote stickers of her in iconic poses.

Andrea Brillantes is the first Filipina celebrity to be featured as a battle emote

Andrea Brillantes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang's Tear It Off music video
Credit: Moonton Games

Battle emotes are a cool way of interacting with other players during a match without having to use the chat function. These emotes usually feature chibi MLBB heroes with unique poses.

The Andrea Brillantes interactive battle emotes will be made available for a limited time, called “Mock,” “Finger Heart,” and “Fighting!”.

The “Mock” and “Fighting!” emotes have a glowing effect with confetti, while the “Finger Heart” emote shows a display of hearts and kiss marks.

This will be the first time that a Filipina celebrity is featured as a battle emote in-game.

How to get the exclusive battle emotes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Andrea Brillantes x MLBB collaboration 
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

Claiming all three emotes is easy. All you have to do is pre-register in the events tab in-game and wait for the official exchange event from March 22 to April 3.

Moonton has yet to release more information about the event, aside from the assurance that all three can be obtained without spending real money. How awesome is that?

Watch the teaser video below.

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