Be part of the M5 World Championship with the M5 pass, this year’s battle pass for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang‘s biggest and most prestigious mobile esports tournament.

Starting on November 10, players can purchase the pass, granting them access to exclusive rewards, such as the brand-new Yu Zhong M5-themed skins.

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In addition to in-game rewards, players who reach the maximum level will also receive a real-life Yu Zhong figurine delivered to their doorstep.

Here’s a glimpse of the upcoming freebies and events incorporated in the M5 pass.

M5 pass exclusive skins

M5 pass skins Dragon Shade Yu Zhong and Prime Skin Cosmic Dragon Yu Zhong
Credit: Moonton Games

You have two options: you can buy the regular pass, priced at 399 diamonds, or the Pass Plus, which costs 699 diamonds.

Both options automatically unlock the Dragon Shade Yu Zhong skin and other exclusive rewards featured in the pass.

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However, the Pass Plus offers additional benefits, including extra M5 coins, an exclusive common action, and an exclusive trail effect.

Yu Zhong figurine included in the M5 pass
Credit: Moonton Games

Reaching level 75 rewards players with the PRIME Skin Cosmic Dragon Yu Zhong skin, while reaching level 150 will grant you the prime Yu Zhong figurine, which will be delivered after the tournament ends.

Other skin rewards available during the event

M3 items encore during the M5 World Championship
Credit: Moonton Games

The M5 World Championship will bring back exclusive M3 rewards in the event shop. To get these skins and items, players can spend diamonds or redeem them with M5 Coins by leveling up their M5 pass.

During this exclusive event, which continues until December 31, PRIME skin Field Haunter Roger and the Phantom Ranger Roger skins will be available.

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The Battle Night campaign is making its return and will span two days, from December 30 to December 31.

Complete the specified tasks to unlock the Battle Night Skin Chest at the corresponding level, which contains a range of skins, including Epic and PRIME skins.

M5 support chest

M5 support chest in the M5 pass
Credit: Moonton Games

You can level up your pass by completing tasks. However, there’s a quicker way to earn more levels through the M5 Support Chests.

From November 20 to November 23, players have the option to pre-order support chests from the Event Hall or M5 Pass page to obtain additional M5 Pass experience.

These Support Chests are available for purchase in bulk by spending diamonds, and more rewards will be revealed later.

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The M5 World Championship will kick off on December 2, 2023.

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