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The moment of truth has arrived for eight of the finest Mobile Legends: Bang Bang teams from Myanmar.

In the M5 Myanmar Qualifier, these teams will vie for the opportunity to represent their region in the upcoming M5 World Championship.

Out of the initial 96 teams that registered for the qualifier, only four made the cut, with the remaining four receiving direct invitations.

Among the notable teams, Falcon Esports has undergone a transformation, now featuring the roster of Fenix Esports, who represented Myanmar at MSC 2023.

Former members of Falcon Esports, Pyae “JustiN” Khant, Kenneth “Kenn.” Hein, and Swan “Ruby DD” Aung, have united under a new banner known as Mythic Seal.

In addition to these teams, AI Esports and Burmese Ghouls have also thrown their hats into the ring, eager to once again represent Myanmar on the international stage.

Here’s everything you need to know about the tournament, including its schedule, format, and where to watch the games.

What is the M5 Myanmar Qualifier?

M5 World Championship logo
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The M5 Myanmar Qualifier marks the final official Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tournament in Myanmar for this year.

The victorious team will not only claim the lion’s share of the US$10,000 prize pool, but also represent Myanmar in the upcoming M5 World Championship set to take place in the Philippines later this year.

Tournament format

Eight teams competing at M5 Myanmar Qualifier
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The regular season will span four days and will be played in a best-of-three, single round-robin format. The top three teams in each group will then proceed to the playoffs.

The playoffs will have a double-elimination format. The teams seeded second and third will initiate their journey in the quarterfinals, whereas the top-seeded teams will secure a spot directly in the semifinals.

All the games will be a best-of-five, except for the grand final which will be a best-of-seven showdown.

M5 Myanmar Qualifier schedule and results

The regular season will run for four days from September 14 to 17, while the playoffs will be from September 29 to October 1.

Regular season Standings

Group A

Burmese Ghouls3 — 06 — 09
AI Esports2 — 14 — 26
9K EsportsxMG1 — 22 — 52
Team Mahar0 — 31 — 61

Group B

Mythic Seal3 — 06 — 18
Falcon Esports2 — 15 — 27
Wrecking Crew1 — 22 — 43
Zino Esports0 — 30 — 60

September 14 (Thursday)

Burmese Ghouls2 — 0Team Mahar
Wrecking Crew2 — 0Zino Esports
AI Esports2 — 09K EsportsxMG

September 15 (Friday)

Wrecking Crew0 — 2Falcon Esports
9K EsportsxMG2 — 1Team Mahar
Zino Esports0 — 2Mystic Seal

September 16 (Saturday)

9K EsportsxMG0 — 2Burmese Ghouls
Team Mahar0 — 2AI Esports
Mystic Seal2 — 1Falcon Esports

September 17 (Sunday)

Falcon Esports2 — 0Zino Esports
Mystic Seal2 — 0Wrecking Crew
Burmese Ghouls2 — 0AI Esports

Zino Esports and Team Mahar have been eliminated.


September 29 (Friday)

Lower bracket

AI Esports2 — 0Wrecking Crew
Falcon Esports2 — 09K EsportsxMG

Wrecking Crew and 9K EsportsxMG have been eliminated.

Upper bracket

Burmese Ghouls0 — 3Mythic Seal

September 30 (Saturday)

Lower bracket semifinal

AI Esports2 — 3Falcon Esports

AI Esports has been eliminated.

Lower bracket final

Burmese Ghouls3 — 2Falcon Esports

Falcon Esports has been eliminated.

The featured image of ONE Esports' article titled Exclusive: Ruby DD is surprised fans still talk about his iconic Lunox combo at M2
Credit: ONE Esports
Exclusive: Ruby DD is surprised fans still talk about his iconic Lunox combo at M2

October 1 (Sunday)

Grand final

Mythic Seal3 — 4Burmese Ghouls

Burmese Ghouls wins the M5 Myanmar Qualifier, secures a slot at the M5 World Championship.

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Where to watch the M5 Myanmar Qualifier

All the games will be streamed live on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s official media platforms:

Burmese MLBB streamer Gu Gu will also hold streaming parties in Minyarzer Ward, Yangon.

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