In Mobile Legends, accumulating a significant gold gap over your opponents is one of the best ways to gain an advantage.

You’ll be able to buy your core items faster, which means you can contribute more to team fights and help your team out.

We spoke to RSG players Jovan “Babycakes” Ong and Brandon “Sana” Loh to find out how you should be farming and spending gold.

How to farm and spend gold in Mobile Legends

As a gold laner, your role is to farm gold efficiently and not die, so that you’ll eventually be able to carry the game, says Babycakes.

There are three sources of gold on the map: the enemy tower’s gold plate, jungle creeps, and minions. The goal is to plan your farming routes carefully, so you can farm between different sources to maximize your efficiency and accrue a large gold lead.

“One of my favorite ways to do that is to farm between two lanes — your mid lane and gold lane,” said Babycakes.

This is not always easy to do, and you have to recognize the small window and timing where you can rotate to mid. You’ll also have to keep in mind the risks of doing so and your hero’s capabilities.

If rotating is difficult, the good news is that you still have options. Your best bet is to play it safe and avoid being ganked by the enemy, says Babycakes.

“Wait for your teammates to gank the enemy gold laner so you can take the gold plating and in the best case scenario hit their tower,” he added.

In this way, you can also accumulate a gold gap without having to play the mid lane.

However, he had one big caveat for players — don’t be tempted to join any team fights early on. It’ll be difficult for you to contribute and you risk dying.

When should you engage? Babycakes likes to wait till he has at least two of his core items, or when he has an item more than the enemy. This way, he is able to be certain that he will win the team fight.

Sana has tips for playing the mid lane as well. “As a mid laner, your goal is to win all your mid matchups, so that you’re able to apply pressure to the rest of the opponent team,” he said.

This means not being overly aggressive and “shoving the wave.” If that happens, opponents are able to get the creeps safely under their tower. Instead, you should play the long game.

“Just be patient and keep the creeps in lane as hostages,” he explained. “What you want to do here is put your opponents at a disadvantage.”

“So when they come, you whack them. If they don’t come, you just stay in the bush.”

The idea is to maintain creep waves as near to your tower as possible, so that opponents are pressured. However, if they don’t push the lane, they lose out on gold.

Once you’ve accumulated an advantage, more options are open to you. You can take the Turtle, invade the jungle, and secure more resources for your team — putting victory within closer reach.

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