There’s a new pair of lovebirds in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and they’re so adorable!

Moonton unveiled the newest Valentine’s Day skins for this year, Heart Afloat Fanny and Heart Aflame Claude.

This is the third Valentine’s Day skin couple skin after Guns and Roses Clint and Cannon and Roses Layla, and Romantic Fantasy Alucard and sweet Fantasy Miya.

These skins are a unique take on the most romantic celebration of the year. Instead of wearing suits and ties and elegant dresses like in previous Valentine’s Day skins, Fanny and Claude are wearing futuristic outfits with a red and black motif.

Heart Afloat Fanny and Heart Aflame Claude character model and skills preview

Heart Afloat Flanny and Heart Aflame Claude MLBB Valentine's Day skins character models
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

Now donning white hair, Fanny is dressed in a cropped top and a skimpy shirt to show off those curves. She also now has charming bunny ears which accentuate her fierce new look.

As for Claude, he wears a techwear, urban-inspired outfit, complete with multiple straps on the side and large pockets in his baggy pants.

Dexter, his pet monkey, also has a new look. Looking cute as ever with his new white fur, Dexter is also wearing a black top and has a small kitsune mask on the side.

For their skills, Claude lets out a burst of colors every time he casts Art of Thievery and Blazing Duet, which is beautiful to look at especially in team fights. His basic attacks are visually improved as well, with his bullets now leaving a bright trail of different colors when he shoots at enemies.

Heart Afloat Fanny Steel Cable effects
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

The skill effects on Fanny will definitely put you in Valentine’s Day fever. The words “Do you love me?” appear around her whenever Tornado Strike is activated. The word “love” also appears behind her whenever she uses her second skill, Steel Cables,

Heart Afloat Fanny and Heart Aflame Claude will be available in the in-game shop on February 14. You can also buy the previous Valentine’s Day skin for a limited time this month.

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