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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Indonesia (MPL ID) is one of the biggest esports leagues not just in Indonesia, but the whole world.

It is a league that has not only crowned champions but has also shaped the very landscape of competitive gaming since its inception in 2018.

ONE Esports Mobile Legends role guides, how to rank up, MLBB terms, feature image showing Arlott, Ixia, Rafaela
Credit: ONE Esports, Moonton Games
Full list of Mobile Legends hero guides, counters, best build, and advanced combos
Full list of Mobile Legends guides: Role guides, how to rank up, terms

This league’s success has paved the way for renowned esports organizations such as ONIC Esports, RRQ, and EVOS, to rise to prominence.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of MPL ID winners that dates back to season one, tracking the league’s progression.

All MPL ID winners since season one started in 2018

ONIC Esports holds the record for the most titles in the league, with five championships, while the next closest team, RRQ, has won four.

Full list of MPL PH winners throughout the years

Additionally, ONIC Esports made history by becoming the first team in the league to secure three consecutive titles.

MPL ID Season 11 grand final EVOS Legends and ONIC Esports introduction
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports
MPL ID Season 1Team NXLUS$100,000
MPL ID Season 2RRQ O2US$100,000
MPL ID Season 3ONIC EsportsUS$120,000
MPL ID Season 4EVOS LegendsUS$300,000
MPL ID Season 5RRQ HoshiUS$300,000
MPL ID Season 6RRQ HoshiUS$300,000
MPL ID Season 7EVOS LegendsUS$300,000
MPL ID Season 8ONIC EsportsUS$300,000
MPL ID Season 9RRQ HoshiUS$300,000
MPL ID Season 10ONIC EsportsUS$300,000
MPL ID Season 11ONIC EsportsUS$300,000
MPL ID Season 12ONIC EsportsUS$336,500

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