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As part of the annual 515 celebrations, Luo Yi was given free to all Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players who logged into the game on May 16, 2020.

The most interesting part of her kit is her ultimate, Diversion. Different from Arrival, it teleports all allies within the circle to a location of her choosing.

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A Yin Yang Geomancer, Luo Yi is surprisingly balanced and easy to play, but hard to master. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you learn how to play this mage hero.

Luo Yi’s skills in Mobile Legends

Passive – Duality

Luo Yi’s skills can create Sigils of Yin/Yang on the battlefield. Each Sigil lasts up to several seconds. Sigils of opposite attributes will trigger Yin-Yang Reaction when they are within a certain distance, dealing magic damage to the marked enemies, stunning them for a second, and pulling them toward each other.

Each time she applies a new Sigil to a marked enemy, she gains a shield and extra movement speed that decays in a few seconds.

  • Luo Yi’s base damage is low if you don’t trigger Duality, so it’s important to combo Yin and Yang together.
  • Duality doesn’t work on jungle monsters – only enemy heroes – which means you’ll experience a slow clear.
  • Dispersion and Rotation will switch between Yin/Yang upon cast. If you want to set-up for a combo, you can prepare your spells so that you have one dark and light before a fight starts.
  • The triggered stun isn’t very long, so her shield and slightly extra movement speed help with survival.

First skill – Dispersion

Luo Yi casts the energy of Yin/Yang in the target direction, dealing magic damage to the first enemy hit and those behind them in a fan-shaped area. Enemy heroes hit are marked with a Sigil of Yin/Yang.

She stores up to four Dispersion charges and gains a charge every eight seconds. She also immediately gains a charge each time Yin-Yang Reaction is triggered.

The state of this skill changes on each cast.

  • A core spell that you should max first, Dispersion has low cooldowns and low base damage, and should be used primarily to push waves and mark enemy heroes.
  • The best and most deceiving part about Dispersion is the fan-shaped AoE that isn’t reflected in the directional guiding line of the spell; Dispersion’s actual fan-shaped AoE is beyond the edge of its indicated limit. Be aware of the longer range and use it to good effect!
  • Because it’s a skill shot, you’ll need good aim and prediction, or miss a crucial mark.

Second skill – Rotation

Luo Yi summons Fire of Yang/Aqua of Yin at the target location, dealing magic damage to enemies hit and slowing them for a moment.

Fire of Yan/Aqua of Yin then remains at the location for several seconds, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies. It can also trigger Yin-Yang Reaction with Sigils of opposite attributes.

The state of this skill changes on each cast.

  • During team fights, Luo Yi is all about manipulating the battlefield. Casting Rotation doesn’t put a mark on individual enemies, but it does create an AoE with either a Yin or Yang zone of control.
  • Even though enemies may not stay within Rotation’s AoE, the moment they are tagged with an opposite mark and are standing on the outer edge, Duality will be triggered. This causes them to be tugged to the middle and take extra damage.
  • When fleeing, cast Rotation followed by a different mark of Dispersion to trigger Duality to pull enemies backwards.

Ultimate – Diversion

Luo Yi creates a Teleport Circle around herself and marks the target location as its destination. After a delay, allied heroes (including herself) within the Circle will be teleported to the location.

Passive: Luo Yi’s cooldown reduction is increased by a percentage.

  • Get familiar with using this skill because it causes the camera to zoom out and broaden your vision of the map which can be disorienting in the beginning.
  • It is easy to pull and snap the teleport circle at max range. You’ll require some practice to move it to a precise location.
  • Even if you drag the teleport circle outside the map, you’ll end up at the nearest wall.
  • Move your joystick to reset the camera so that you gain vision of yourself.
  • Aim Diversion in a bush so that enemies will not have vision of you teleporting.
  • Crowd control does not stop you from teleporting, but heroes with certain skills can push you out of the radius before the spell finishes channeling, so watch out! If that happens, Flicker back into the radius for a clutch escape.
  • Use Diversion to get out of a sticky situation, gain a positional advantage behind enemy lines, or rotate faster between lanes.

A comprehensive guide on how to play Luo Yi in Mobile Legends

Recommended battle spell

Mobile Legends Luo Yi guide-Flameshot and Flicker battle spells
Credit: ONE Esports

At the early levels, your full combo won’t be able to finish enemies off, so Flameshot helps with adding extra damage.

Alternatively, being a low health mage who needs to stay at mid range to be effective, and on top of that doesn’t have a guaranteed crowd control, it might be safer to run Flicker.

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Recommended emblem

Recommended emblem set for mage hero Luo Yi in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Credit: ONE Esports

The most optimal choice is the Mage emblem. It grants significant magic power and magic penetration.

Additionally, since Luo Yi’s main damage relies on combos, you will greatly benefit from the emblem’s cooldown reduction.

Take Inspire in the first tier for additional cooldown reduction, and Bargain Hunter in the second tier to reduce equipment cost, allowing you to quickly acquire your core items.

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Alternatively, you can choose Weapons Master if you want to gain extra magic power from your emblem and items.

Complete your emblem setup with Impure Rage. This empowers you to periodically deal additional adaptive damage, and restore a portion of your mana, enabling you to consistently poke enemies.

Luo Yi best build

Mobile Legends Luo Yi guide-pro item builds
Credit: ONE Esports

Enchanted Talisman is a core item for Luo Yi, as it grants immense cooldown reduction and mana regeneration. Alternatively, you can purchase Clock of Destiny for additional mana and magic power.

A mage who doesn’t do upfront burst damage, run Glowing Wand to ensure every spell counts.

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The extra movement speed, magic lifesteal, and HP from Ice Queen Wand will also come in handy during combat.

Finish your build with more magic items, such as Genius Wand, Holy Crystal, and Divine Glaive. To improve your survivability, buy Winter Truncheon or Immortality.

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The best build for Luo Yi in Mobile Legends

  • Arcane Boots
  • Enchanted Talisman
  • Glowing Wand
  • Genius Wand
  • Holy Crystal
  • Winter Truncheon

Easy combos to learn

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Starlight skin for August, Siren Priestess Luo Yi
Credit: Moonton

Manipulating Yin Yang, triggering Duality consistently and working around her AoE spells are the true marks of a good Luo Yi player.

Therefore, before going into a fight, prepare your Dispersion and Rotation spells so that you have one dark and one light. It’s better to start with Dispersion as it has charges, giving you some room for error.

As a squishy mage, assassins who possess abilities that can dodge your spells will halt your Yin/Yang combo.

Even if assassins get stunned for a second, they can still continue to jump on Luo Yi for the kill. Having a tank who knows how to peel for her is paramount against divers.

To really take advantage of Luo Yi’s trademark, Diversion, it is highly recommended that you play and communicate with friends together in a team to impact the map, for it is difficult to maximize this skill when playing alone.

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