If there’s one Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero who can deal tons of damage with just two abilities, Eudora immediately comes to mind.

Despite not receiving any changes in patch 1.5.88, Eudora suddenly rose to fame and became the fourth most picked hero at 2.94%, according to official MLBB stats.

What makes the Lightning Weaver a meta pick right now in patch 1.5.88? Here are three reasons why.

Eudora is a very easy to play

Credit: Moonton

Eudora is one of the five beginner heroes you’ll get to play when starting Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and one of the easiest heroes to learn.

Her skills are straightforward and you can almost kill anyone with the right items and timing.

In ranked games, Eudora can be a great pick if your main heroes are banned, or when you think the enemy’s lineup is overpowered and you need an easy way out.

It works really well, for Eudora can adapt to any team composition, and has potential to be a game-changer with her insane damage output and reliable crowd control with Ball Lightning.

Eudroa is a great counterpick to popular strats right now

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang heroes, Rafaela, Angela, and Diggie
Credit: Moonton

With the meteoric rise of the ‘Nice one, baby’ strat and fielding late game side laners such as Benedetta and Alice, players have been keen to counter them.

There are many heroes that work well against these strategies, but make no mistake — Eudora is probably one of the best counters you’ll want to try out in patch 1.5.88, especially in a five-man squad.

Her early game damage is a huge factor in shutting down these heroes to give your team ample time to brace for the mid to late game. Eudora with a full build is a real threat to any team composition right now.

Radiant Armor weakened many mage heroes

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang new item for patch 1.5.88, Radiant Armor
Credit: Moonton

Radiant Armor is a gamechanger in patch 1.5.88 against many meta mages who deal continuous magic damage.

It’s unique passive, Holy Blessing, increases the wielder’s magic damage reduction upon taking magic, and stacks up to eight times.

This mean skills such as Yve‘s Real World Manipulation and Chang’e’s Meteor Shower have been weakened in patch 1.5.88, for they inflict continuous magic damage.

Fortunately, Eudora is a burst mage. In most team fights, Fork Lightning and Thunder Wrath is all you need to take down opponents, enough not to trigger the full stacks of Radiant Armor.

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