With just a few weeks into its newest Season of Fortune, Legends of Runeterra is implementing some slight card nerfs to level out the playing field while also implementing a new mode called Labs.

Loser: Pilfered Goods

Credit: Riot

With Bilgewater decks relying heavily on plunder-and-nab combos against their opponents, Riot has decreased its spamming ability with a higher mana requirement on Pilfered Goods. With this nerf, it’ll likely prevent Bilgewater users from amassing a populated hand during the beginning rounds.

  • Pilfered Goods
    • Cost: 2 → 3

Winner: Game Modes

Credit: Riot

Riot introduced a new mode called “Labs” as a more creative output for deck-builders. With the Gauntlet and Expedition mode focusing primarily on competition, Labs allows players to challenge friends with more innovative, on-the-fly gameplay.

The first Lab will be All Random All Middle (ARAM) and will have players create decks by an impromptu selection of champions at the start of the match.

Loser: Solitary Monk

Credit: Riot

With Solitary Monk’s requirement of recalling all cards to summon, it makes an incredibly useful tool in many deck situations around Ionia and other compatible decks. Unfortunately, it becomes quite an overpowered card, considering you can easily strike the Nexus for 4 points. With that, Riot has decreased her power to make her less of an offensive and more of a strategic piece.

  • Solitary Monk
    • Power: 4 → 3

For more information, you can check out the full Legends of Runeterra 1.5 patch notes.

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