Riot Games wowed and surprised the League of Legends community with stunning visuals and crisp sound effects in the “Return to Valoran City” teaser video. The highly-detailed short clip hinted at the release of new Star Guardian skins, particularly Star Guardian Kai’Sa.

The Star Guardian skin line debuted in 2015, featuring the original squad comprising Lux, Janna, Jinx, Poppy, and Lulu in the Burning Bright music video. These skins were inspired by magical girl anime shows, such as Cardcaptor Sakura, Sailor Moon, and Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

It has been about three years since these magical high school students graced Summoner’s Rift after the third set of Star Guardians–Neeko, Xayah, Rakan, and Zoe–was introduced. The four champions starred in the “Light and Shadow” animated trailer with music accompanied by popular anime composer Hiroyuki Sawano.

This year, the Star Guardians are making a grand comeback featuring new members of the thematic.

Return to Valoran City” video teases the release of Star Guardian Kai’Sa

Return to Valoran City teaser for Star Guardian skins 2022
Credit: Riot Games

The one-minute teaser showed plenty of scenes that looked straight out of a Makoto Shinkai film, dropping subtle clues to keen-eyed LoL players. A few cuts displayed peach stickers, Kai’Sa’s favorite fruit, and objects with bunny designs.

This might hint at a pink theme and a bunny familiar for Star Guardian Kai’Sa.

Other sequences showed the school’s facilities, with items and symbols lying around that can be linked to certain champions.

A microphone with a red decor can be found beside a piano in the music room, suggesting the arrival of Piltover’s starry-eyed songstress, Star Guardian Seraphine. The special K/DA member is capable of playing a lot of instruments, including the keyboard.

The blue pouch filled with musical notes might belong to Star Guardian Sona, the etwahl musician, while the school bag with the noodle pin alludes to a Star Guardian Akali skin.

The most recognizable symbol in the video was Xayah and Rakan’s love lock, featuring the couple’s enchanted feathers.

Outside the school grounds, fans had a good look at Valoran City during the spring season.

A shadow of a bird was spotted passing by a ramen stand, likely Quinn’s eagle companion, Valor. In another area of the city, Jinx’s infamous monkey graffiti can be seen on a metal door.

The last part of the video showed a pink-haired high school student standing on top of the rooftop, wearing Star Guardian Ahri’s necklace.

Star Guardian Kai'Sa teaser
Credit: Riot Games

The new Star Guardian skins will be released on July 14, with more details to be revealed as the line’s launch date draws near.

Here are all Star Guardian skins and their released dates:

2015Star Guardian Janna
Star Guardian Jinx
Star Guardian Lulu
Star Guardian Lux
Star Guardian Poppy
2017Star Guardian Ahri
Star Guardian Ezreal
Star Guardian Miss Fortune
Star Guardian Soraka
Star Guardian Syndra
2019Star Guardian Neeko
Star Guardian Rakan
Star Guardian Xayah
Star Guardian Zoe
2022Star Guardian Ka’Sa
Star Guardian Sona
Star Nemesis Fiddlesticks
Star Guardian Ekko
Star Guardian Nilah
Star Guardian Taliyah

(To be updated)

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