A champion that’s been hiding under the grave, Yorick has been given some love by Riot this League of Legends patch 11.7.

Completely absent in both pro play and high ranked games, Riot wants to increase his presence first by buffing his E, Mourning Mist.

E – Mourning Mist

  • (New) Wake me up inside (can’t wake up): Marked enemy champions and large monsters now continuously Awaken nearby graves (up to the maximum of 4)
  • (New) You will be mist: Mist Walkers now deal 200% damage when they leap to marked enemy champions and large monsters
  • (Updated) Cast Paradigm: If targeting outside of range, E now immediately casts to max range

Yorick’s bread and butter is Last Rites (Q), which is left untouched this patch. Instead, Mist Walkers’ raw damage has been buffed when they leap onto enemy champions and large monsters, boosting Yorick’s ability to jungle.

Marked enemy champions and large monsters will also Awaken nearby graves up to a maximum of four, because the more the merrier.

When played in the jungle, Yorick will greatly rely on Dark Procession (W) to burn flashes and to get kills. While he may not be the strongest ganker, playing him forces your opponents to react in new ways which they may not be comfortable with.

Jungle mains who have been spamming Udyr and Hecarim, are you up for a new challenge?

Read the full League of Legends patch 11.7 notes here.

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