Your League of Legends merch collection will never be the same again. Miss Fortune, The Bounty Hunter, enters Riot Games’ official Unlocked merchandise line representing Bligewater with ruthless, sexy vibes in a detailed recreation of her original skin.

Standing at 12.2 inches (30.9 cm), Miss Fortune Unlocked looks even better than her splash art. Posing like model on the cover of a fashion magazine, her long flowing crimson hair, side-eyed glance, lush red lips, and slanted hip pose are altogether provocative, aptly bringing out the captain’s personality. 

Based on Riot’s lore, Miss Fortune had to witness Gangplank wipe out her family as a child. Years later, she got her brutal revenge on him by destroying his flagship while he was still onboard. 

League of Legends fans will appreciate the detail that went into her swished red hair, which was sculpted to flow with the wind. Her outfit was also given an upgrade, with more definitive golden linings, detailed frills of her white blouse, and a crisscrossed design running down the side of her leather tights. Even her famed guns, Shock and Awe, were made to look elegantly polished and deadly at the same time. 

Each Miss Fortune Unlocked statue comes in a unique box printed with a black and white graphic based off her sculpture with a marksman symbol on the side. 

Miss Fortune, The Bounty Hunter is now Unlocked in the Riot Games official merch store priced at US$75.

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