Singer-songwriter Seraphine has now officially been confirmed as a part of the League of Legends universe with the announcement of her collaboration with virtual girl group K/DA. However, her background still remains a mystery, game-wise.

To add to the intrigue, dataminer, SkinSpotlights, has released a screenshot of beta files found during the testing of League of Legends: Wild Rift. The image showed a description of two of Seraphine’s abilities.

The first ability seems to be a buff and is closely tied to a mechanic called “Note,” while the second ability focuses on ally shields with a little healing on the side. Based on these two datamined abilities alone, Seraphine is most likely going to be a support or a mage champion.

One thing that fans find absolutely strange is the fact that her files have been unearthed inside Wild Rift instead of League of Legends. Other Summoners have even theorized that Seraphine may be a mobile-only exclusive champion set to debut on Wild Rift’s official release date later this year.

Riot Games has not confirmed nor commented on any of these speculations. Fans can get more of this fantastic singer on K/DA’s next song release soon.

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