Cosplayer C9 Emiru received a very wholesome surprise after she posted her Gwen cosplay photos on Twitter.

Yes, C9 Emiru is Gwen

League of Legends, C9 Emiru, Gwen Cosplay
Credit: Emiru

Cloud9’s cosplayer and streamer Emiru stunned her fans with her latest cosplay featuring League of Legends’ champion Gwen.

She nailed every detail of her Gwen cosplay, from the blue curly twin tail wig to the pair of heterochromia eye lenses.

Emiru herself got a pleasant surprise when Riot Games illustrator Jeremy “anninosart” Anninos replied to her Gwen cosplay post and revealed that he had some of Emiru’s make-up looks saved in his reference board while designing Gwen’s base splash art.

League of Legends, Gwen splash art
Credit: Riot Games

“It’s all come full circle,” anninosart tweeted.

Some of C9 Emiru’s fans actually noticed the resemblance between her and Gwen in the past, and this revelation confirms their theories.

C9 Emiru was really flattered upon finding this out.

“I’m just so excited to have had some small, tiny amount of influence on the game that’s been my life for many years,” she tweeted. “I love trying to bring characters to life. I love rito games.”

Aside from her Gwen cosplay, Emiru has had other impressive League of Legends cosplays in the past like her K/DA Ahri cosplay, her Seraphine cosplay, and her Neeko cosplay.

Other League of Legends Gwen references

League of Legends, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Space Groove Gwen skin
Credit: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Riot Games

Gwen’s base splash art may have been based on C9 Emiru, but her in-game animation pays homage to an icon in Japanese pop culture.

 Gwen’s dance animation, in particular, was based on the viral J-pop song “PONPONPON” performed by Japan’s kawaii (cute) singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

Upon closer inspection, Gwen actually has many similarities with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu in the “PONPONPON” music video, where both of them have big eyes, a kawaii face, and a twin-tail hairstyle.

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