The third chapter of Hearthstone’s latest solo adventure, Tombs of Terror takes players to Khartut’s Tomb.

World of Warcraft (WoW) players may recognize this new Hearthstone locale, as it was the setting for a questline in Uldum where players had to help adventurer Harrison Jones defeat a horde of Pygmies that overran his caravan.

The Hearthstone version of Khartut’s Tomb will be teeming with even more Pygmies, with the sinister Xatma, Plague Lord of Death, lurking in the shadows.

Credit: Blizzard

Xatma will have the same persistent health pool as the other plague lords, alongside an arsenal of different Hero Powers that he cycles through during various points of the battle. The Plague Lord of Death will also bring a new twist to his encounters, as players will start the game with an Eternal Tomb on the board when facing him. The tomb will slowly unlock to unleash a powerful Deathrattle minion as friendly minions die, closing afterwards until the next Deathrattle can emerge.

To combat this formidable foe, players can enlist the services of a new playable Hero, Elise Starseeker, the third dual-class hero introduced in Tombs of Terror whose abilities draw from the Priest and Druid classes. Elise will also bring her own unique set of unlockable treasures, decks, and Hero Powers to bolster your forces.

Credit: Blizzard

Khartut’s Tomb is the latest installment for Tombs of Terror, itself the latest content drop for Hearthstone’s most recent expansion, Saviors of Uldum.

While you can purchase chapter three for US$7 or 700 gold, you can also get chapter two onwards in a bundle for US$15, as the first chapter is free for all players.

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