Genshin Impact’s Natlan region promises to be a fiery spectacle filled with a lineup of distinct characters.

As anticipation grows for the land of war, fans are also eager to discover the talented Natlan cast who brings these characters to life.

Genshin Impact national team composition
Credit: HoYoverse, ONE Esports
What is the Genshin National Team composition?

From the blazing personalities of Natlan characters to the intensity of their stories, these voice actors promise to deliver unforgettable narratives to all travelers.

Let’s take a look at all the English and Japanese voice actors who bring these scorching 4-star and 5-stars to life.

What is Natlan in Genshin Impact?

Natlan is one of the seven nations in the world of Genshin. Known as the nation of war, it’s a place dominated by the element Pyro.

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Credit: ONE Esports, HoYoverse
The 5 best Genshin demos that shook up Teyvat

The landscape is a mix of extreme environments: fiery volcanoes, dry plains, and lush oases. Even the people and their creations, such as architecture and clothing, reflect this theme with bold designs.

Complete list of Natlan cast: English and Japanese voice actors in Genshin

The vibrant roster of characters in this Pyro nation is brought to life by talented voice actors.

Below is the full list of Natlan cast members in the game, including their English and Japanese voice actors.

Mualani fishing in Genshin Impact
Credit: HoYoverse
AjawEN: Abby Espiritu
JP: Junko Takeuchi
ChascaEN: Lauren Amante
JP: Yuhko Kaida
CitlaliEN: Skyler Davenport
JP: Asami Tano
IansanEN: Katrina Salisbury
JP: Ayaka Ohashi
KachinaEN: Kristen McGuire
JP: Yurika Kubo
KinichEN: John Patneaude
JP: Noriaki Sugiyama
MavuikaEN: Katiana Sarkissian
JP: Mikako Komatsu
MualaniEN: Cassandra Lee Morris
JP: Nao Toyama
OroronEN: Nathan Nokes
JP: Takashi Kondo
XilonenEN: Beth Curry
JP: Ai Fairouz

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