The Dendro nation of Sumeru is coming out in version 3.0, and Genshin Impact players are speculating the release of more Dendro-based reactions. As of now, the only Dendro reaction in-game is Burning (Dendro+Pyro).

Footage of the latest Genshin Impact Dendro reactions was recently leaked online, showcasing two new reactions that come with the grassy element.

Two new elemental reactions displayed in Dendro leaks

Genshin YouTuber Sedurin posted a video compilation of the leaked Genshin Impact Dendro reactions, Intensified and Overgrown. Twitter user Genshin_Intel provided more details on how the two reactions work.

The Intensified (Dendro+Electro) reaction works as a damage amplifier, similar to the Melt and Vaporize elemental reactions. Rather than multiplying the damage of a single element, Intensified targets will take increased damage from both Dendro and Electro. This could introduce a new meta focused on upcoming Dendro characters and strong Electro characters like Raiden Shogun.

The Overgrown (Dendro+Hydro) reaction adds a unique combat mechanic in the form of mushrooms. When Overgrown is triggered, opponents will drop seeds that turn into mushrooms, which explode and deal AoE Dendro damage upon reacting to Hydro.

Genshin_Intel also mentioned that Anemo, Cryo, and Geo do not react to Dendro as of now, but will still deal elemental damage.

List of Genshin Impact Dendro reactions

DendroPyroBurning: Deals Pyro damage over time

Grass is considered Dendro and will spread the effect around the area
DendroElectroIntensified: Increase Dendro and Electro damage for 7 seconds
DendroHydroOvergrown: Drops seeds that become mushrooms, which explode and deal AoE Dendro damage upon reacting to Hydro

Genshin Impact Dendro reactions introduce three-element attacks

Double proc with Genshin Impact Dendro reactions
Screenshot by Joseph Asuncion/ONE Esports

With two new Genshin Impact Dendro reactions coming to the game, Sedurin also gave a preview of how to execute a three-element attack.

The YouTuber demonstrated this by applying both Cryo and Dendro to a hilichurl. Since the two elements stay separate on the target, a player can now apply a third element that will instantly trigger both respective reactions. When using Hydro, the hilichurl will be affected by both Overgrown and Frozen.

You can check out more of the Dendro gameplay down here.

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