ONE Esports got the chance to attend the world premiere of Genshin Concert 2023 in Singapore on October 2 at Esplanade performed by the Metropolitan Festival Orchestra.

As a long-time Genshin Impact fan who still plays the game every single day (on top of Honkai Star Rail, crazy, I know) and has a Zhongli poster hanging above my Zhongli body pillow, I was thrilled.

I was so excited to dress up, put on tons of makeup, and be part of the fandom in person.

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Think about it: Genshin Impact is a single-player game with minimal online interaction with other players, yet it still holds the attention of millions around the world, crossing cultures, uniting gamers. It’s a special feeling, sitting among fellow fans who hold these characters dear to their hearts as much as I.

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Warning: Major spoilers if you haven’t attended Genshin Concert 2023, in Singapore at least.

Genshin Concert 2023 review: it’ll make you add new songs to your playlist

Genshin Concert 2023 key visual at Esplanade Concert Hall in Singapore
Credit: Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

We only found out that there would be two intervals at the start of Genshin Concert 2023 when it was announced. Once they opened with Mondstadt songs, we figured they’ll be moving through the song list region by region.

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The first thing that struck me as we listened to Mondstadt tracks is how calm and peaceful each song is. With clear blue skies and lush greenery, the early uplifting days of Genshin is a throwback to a much simpler time — which was exactly what we needed during the pandemic in 2020.

When tracks surrounding Dvalin’s storyline and boss fight were played, the melodies became more ominous, but never dark, and there’s beauty in that.

Genshin Concert 2023 performed by Metropolitan Festival Orchestra in Singapore
Credit: Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

As you might have guessed, Liyue is my favorite region and my favorite soundtrack, so this part of the review is 100% biased.

If Mondstadt is the appetizer, Liyue is the juicy main course where Yu-Peng Chen shows off his virtuoso. Many of the animation shorts flashed on screen had the words “composed by Yu-Peng Chen” at the bottom, reminding us of the amazing work he did during his time with HoYoverse.

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During this section, three soloists took the stage on the guzheng, various flutes, and shamisen, playing the usual Liyue suspects such as Peaceful Hike, Foul Legacy, and of course, Rex Incognito.

The only disappointing element for me was not getting to hear Ode to Azhdaha and Rage Beneath the Mountains live — because there wasn’t a live choir.

Genshin Concert 2023 ticket
Credit: Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

The soloists continued to display their craft during the Inazuma playlist before retiring from the stage. Sumeru’s songs made it most obvious that some of the instruments used in Genshin’s original soundtrack had to be substituted due to the limitations of the orchestra, so we didn’t get to hear the sitar or sarangi, but it was still enjoyable.

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When the audience applauded hard during the encore, the orchestra surprised with three Fontaine tracks. Because it’s the newest region, we weren’t as familiar and couldn’t quite figure out the names of the songs, so we sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed the French-inspired pieces.

At the end, I felt bitter-sweet. Listening to a live orchestra is always a treat. At the same time, it made me realize that I really do miss Yu-Peng Chen’s flair. Liyue not only had distinct melodies that stubbornly stick in your head — he also referenced motifs across themes that tie in with Genshin’s rich story, slicing them up to create variations and by changing keys.

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In many ways, Genshin Concert 2023 felt like a final ode to Mr. Chen and all that he’s done for the game we know and love so well. Thank you for composing music that always accompanies us in-game and in real life during our daily commutes.

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