Update as of May 5The character banner countdown timer now displays “before version 2.6 ends.”

Great news, whales — the Kamisato Ayaka banner rerun just got extended in the ongoing Genshin Impact version 2.6.

The character event wish “The Heron’s Court” was originally scheduled to run for 22 days from April 19 until May 10, featuring the 5-star Cryo character Kamisato Ayaka with 4-stars Rosaria, Razor, and Sayu. The Mistsplitter Reforged and The Unforged weapon event wishes were also included in the extension.

Kamisato Ayaka banner gets extended for 240 days amidst Genshin Impact version 2.7 delays

Ayaka banner extended to 240 days
Screenshot by Kristine Tuting/ONE Esports

Things are slowing down for players of gacha game Genshin Impact as Kamisato Ayaka’s character banner just received an extension for Phase III of version 2.6.

The countdown on the banner changed, displaying a timer that spans 240 days, or roughly 8 months from May 5.

HoYoverse posted a clarification on their social media accounts, stating that the countdown only serves as a placeholder.

“The countdown that appears on the interface of event wishes and the Test Run event is not the definitive end date,” the developers explained. “Please refer to future announcements for the end date.”

Kamisato Ayaka banner extended indefinitely
Credit: HoYoverse

This sudden extension and the postponement of the version 2.7 update are all due to “project progress”, announced HoYoverse.

It is highly likely that the company and its staff are affected by strict lockdowns under China’s zero-Covid policy implemented in multiple cities, including Shanghai, where the HoYoverse office is based.

Under the zero-Covid policy, travel around China is restricted, public transportation suspended, and all non-essential businesses temporarily closed.

The developers also mentioned a content adjustment plan and some kind of compensation, which travelers can look forward to.

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