The XDefiant update Y1S0.4 brings a host of changes including some crucial fixes to keep the game smooth.

The XDefiant Season 1 update is right around the corner and Ubisoft is trying its best to roll the rough edges of its brand new FPS title.

With the 12 June update, the game witnessed some major nerfs and balancing changes. However, the new 18 June update makes gameplay, faction, and weapon changes.

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Let’s dig deep and see what the  XDefiant Y1S0.4 patch notes bring to the table.

XDefiant update Y1S0.4 patch notes

XDefiant shooting in action
Credit: Ubisoft

Here are all the changes in the XDefiant Y1S0.4 update:

XDefiant update — Gameplay

Unlocking those sweet weapon attachments just got a little easier. The XP required to level up your primary weapon has been reduced from 3,500 to 3,000, and your secondary from 1,500 to 1,000. This change applies retroactively, so expect a boost to your existing weapon levels.

To counter this faster access to attachments, Ubisoft has also increased Weapon Mastery level requirements.This change will not affect the existing skins. So, if you’ve already snagged those Bronze, Silver, or Gold skins, you get to keep them.

GSK character with pistol in ONE Esports' image for XDefiant season 1 release date, new faction, maps, weapons
Credit: Ubisoft, ONE Esports
XDefiant Season 1: Release date, new faction, maps, weapons

XDefiant update — Netcode

Say goodbye to the frustration of feeling like you’re getting shot behind cover. Patch Y1S0.4 improves how quickly your health reacts to damage, making those firefights feel crisp and responsive.

XDefiant update — Weapons

The update brings some MDR buffs. The Firestorm skin was causing some unexpected recoil issues. This patch brings the recoil back to normal levels, so you can use that firepower with more consistency.

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XDefiant update — Factions

A bug caused players affected by Libertad’s Medico Supremo ultra to stand upright after dying. This patch ensures a proper, lying-down death animation for everyone.

Characters firing their gun in ONE Esports image for all factions and faction abilities in XDefiant
Credit: Ubisoft, ONE Esports
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Miscellaneous fixes 

The update also throws in a round of additional crash fixes to keep your XDefiant experience smooth sailing.

That’s all for the Y1S0.4 update in XDefiant. It will take a little bit of time and some trial and error to sort everything out, but getting consistent updates is a great start.

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