Vision of the Traveler is one of the many collectibles you can find in the Pale Heart destination of Destiny 2

Finding all Visions of the Traveler will not just unlock the new Visionary Triumph and get you dozens of Pale Heart Engrams, but also take you one step closer to unlocking the exotic version of the iconic Khvostov auto rifle. 

Every Vision of the Traveler location in Destiny 2

There are eight Visions of the Traveler in Destiny 2.

Vision of the Traveler location 1

From the Lost City landing zone, head down to the area where find Micah-10. Here, turn left, and you will find a small hole leading to the area below. 

Keep going down until you reach the area outside. It’s the area from the Transmigration mission where you have to clear two obstacles to reach the location where you get the Prismatic subclass

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Once outside, turn right and head straight past all the platforms until you see a waterfall. You can find the first Vision of the Traveler here. 

Vision of the Traveler location 2

From the spawn point in The Landing, turn left immediately, and you will notice a waterfall. Head down there, and you will find the next Vision. 

Vision of the Traveler location 3

This one is a bit tricky to find. Head to the Refraction in the Blooming region and make your way through the cave.

Keep heading straight until you reach a blue crystal cave with an Ogre and a group of Acolyte enemies. 

Head to the opposite side of the cave and cross the path to reach an open area with face statues covered with flowers. Continue moving forward until you reach the other side of the area with two waterfalls. 

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Make your way to the edge of the area past the right waterfall, and you will see a path leading downstairs to a mini cave. Jump down and keep walking in this direction, and you will find a small opening from where the water is falling. You will find the Vision here. 

Vision of the Traveler location 4

Head northwest from the Blooming spawn point until you reach the wall. There’s a wrinkled old tree that looks like an Ahmkara’s jaw. You can find the fourth Vision at the top of this tree. 

Vision of the Traveler location 5

This one is the easiest to get. Simply fast travel to the Impass and head to the white-red temple. You can spot the Vision on top of one of the monoliths. 

Vision of the Traveler location 6

You can find it in the last area of the Transgression in the Impass region. Head left from the white-red temple and continue moving forward until you reach the final room with the commune ball. 

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From here, turn right and head straight until you hit a dead end. You can find the Vision tucked away on the left-hand side of the room. 

Vision of the Traveler location 7

This one’s quite a hike. Head to the Divide in the Impass. You can also reach the Divide through a cave in the Seclusion, but we recommend taking the path from the Impass as it’s shorter. 

Once here, rush through the caves until you reach the icy mountain cliffs. Turn right and keep going up on the canyon road. You will soon come across a bunch of platforms that lead upwards. 

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Keep heading straight until you reach an abandoned facility. You can find the Visionon the left-hand side outside the facility. It’s tucked away behind the little antenna dish. 

Vision of the Traveler location 8

Destiny 2 visions of the traveler 8
Screenshot by Shreyansh Katsura/ONE Esports

You can find this deep within the Seclusion in the Blooming region. However, this area won’t appear in the Seclusion until you have unlocked the Slayer Cyst. 

For this, you must complete different iterations of the Alone in the Dark quest to rescue ghosts and unlock Cyst missions, including the Slayer Cyst.

We are still making our way through the Alone in the Dark questline and will update the exact location of the final Vision soon.

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