ONE Esports and Toyota Motor Asia Pacific are gearing up to deliver adrenaline-pumping action with the return of the Toyota GR GT Cup Asia 2022, one of the top esports racing events of the year. 

The Toyota GR GT Cup Asia 2022, set to take place on October 29, is entering a new series, with the competition switching from Gran Turismo Sport to Gran Turismo 7.  

The best eMotorsport racers from Asia are ready to prove they’re the fastest in the region. The top two finalists from the Toyota GR GT Cup Asia 2022 will progress directly to the GR GT Cup Global Final and contend for top honors with some of the world’s best racers. 

Toyota GR GT Cup Asia 2022 format 

TGR GT Cup Asia 2022
Credit: Toyota Gazoo Racing

The top 20 racers were selected across seven local qualifiers, with the top three racers from each tournament advancing to the Semi Finals in the Toyota GR GT Cup Asia 2022. 

These racers will be split into Groups A, B, and C. 


  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand

Each racer’s group has been determined by a randomized draw. 

The top five racers from each group will advance to the Final stage, where they will compete in three different races to see who will be crowned the Toyota GR GT Cup Asia 2022 champion. 

Each stage will be judged based on a different point system. Racers that finish in sixth and seventh place in the Semi Finals will be eliminated. 

Points from all stages, including the Semi Finals and Main Event, will also be taken into account for team awards and individual awards.

Semi Final Race (Group A, B, and C) 


Main Event

Final Race Round 1 and 2 


Final Race Round 3


Who are the racers to look out for this year? 

Nathayos Sirigaya
Credit: ONE Esports

Thailand dominated the competition last year, with Nathayos Sirigaya taking the crown as winner and Team Thailand also finishing first in the team standings. With such a strong performance last year, they are the team to beat going into this year’s tournament.

Other competitors to look out for include Taiwan’s Y.T Chou, who was last year’s runner-up. 

Team Malaysia, last year’s team runner-up, look stronger than ever this year. With Iqbal Suji at the helm, after a dominating win at the Malaysia Toyota GR Velocity Championship, he and his team, could very well seize first place at this year’s Toyota GR GT Cup Asia.

Toyota GR GT Cup Asia 2022 prize money and rankings

Individual Prize Award 

The top three racers will walk away with these prizes based on their cumulative points earned at each race.

*Only racers who have completed four out of seven *Global Qualifiers are eligible. 

  • 1st Prize — US$6,000 (+1 seat in the TGR GT Cup 2022 Global Finals)
  • 2nd Prize — US$3,000 (+1 seat in the TGR GT Cup 2022 Global Finals) 
  • 3rd Prize — US$1,500

Team Prize Award 

Prizes will be awarded based on the total points earned by the top two racers representing each team, however, the prizes will be shared equally amongst the entire team. 

  • 1st Prize — US$6,000
  • 2nd Prize — US$3,000
  • 3rd Prize — US$1,500

Tracks and road and race cars in the Toyota GR GT Cup Asia 2022 

Four races and four Toyota GR cars have been selected to push racers to the limit at each stage of the competition.

Mastery of all cars and tracks are necessary for racers to survive the iconic Nurburgring Circuit and the tight corners of Circuit de la Sarthe. 

Not only do the racers have to concentrate on the race, they also will have to watch the sky. A new element of difficulty has been made possible with Gran Turismo 7 – Dynamic Weather. Racers are challenged to anticipate wet conditions and make proper adjustments to avoid wheelspin and aquaplaning, which could cost them their victory.

Semi Final Race (Group A, B, and C) 

Credit: Toyota and Gran Turismo 7

This year’s competition kicks off at the Fuji International Speedway, Toyota’s home ground track. A familiar track to most racers, the Fuji International Speedway features a long straight into a hairpin which provides great overtaking opportunity. 

Racers will execute 10-lap endurance race in the GR Yaris as its compact size and GR-FOUR AWD system will aid them in tacking the long stretches and tight corners. 

Main Event 

Final Race Round 1 

Credit: Toyota and Gran Turismo 7

Competitors advancing from the Semi Finals will continue to race this year’s new track, Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. 

Littered with blind corners and its varying topography, racers will have to anticipate their braking and throttle response of the GR Supra ensuring the fastest racing line. 

Final Race Round 2 

Credit: Toyota and Gran Turismo 7

The second stage of the Final round will have racers loop the Nürburgring GP circuit. This iconic track has witnessed various high-performance vehicles and legendary championships. 

This time, racers will take the new GR Supra GT4 Race Car with its 50:50 weight distribution and 542 BHP race-tuned engine, ready to catapult them into the winner’s circle.

Final Race Round 3 

Credit: Toyota and Gran Turismo 7

Home of the 24 Hours Le Mans endurance race, the Circuit De La Sarthe will be the racers’ final chance at victory. With the ability to reach 400+km/h in the GR010 Hybrid Hyper Car, racers will have six laps and 670 horsepower at their disposal to tackle this legendary goliath.

Where to watch TGR GT Cup Asia 2022

The Toyota TGR GT Cup Asia 2022 will be broadcast on October 29, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. GMT+8. 

The entire tournament will be streamed on:

To keep up to date with all the information on the Toyota GR GT Cup Asia 2022, make sure you bookmark the tournament website

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