Pre-registration for the highly anticipated mobile 3D MMORPG, Ragnarok: Rebirth, is officially opened!

The Ragnarok: Rebirth pre-registration event gives players a chance to receive various pre-order rewards such as in-game items and cumulative rewards based on the number of pre-registrations.

What is Ragnarok: Rebirth?

Ragnarok Rebirth pre-registration and pre-order rewards
Credit: Gravity Game Vision

Rgnarok: Rebirth invites players into a colorful 3D fantasy world, rich with the unique atmosphere that fans of the Ragnarok series have come to love.

The main narrative focuses on players stepping into the roles of adventurers tasked with protecting the Kingdom of Rune-Midgard from Baphomet’s cult, who are intent on resurrecting the malevolent King Baphomet.

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The game promises a vivid storytelling, brought to life by expressive NPCs that enhance the sense of immersion.

One of the key features is the flexibility in gameplay, allowing users to switch between vertical and horizontal modes. This design choice caters to diverse play styles and reduces player fatigue from repetitive tasks through integrated idle content.

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Additionally, Ragnarok: Rebirth offers a variety of PVE and PVP challenges, a three-currency system with high freedom of exchange, comprehensive equipment training options, and an engaging pet system.

These elements collectively provide a broad spectrum of entertainment and strategic depth.

All Ragnarok Rebirth pre-order rewards

Ragnarok Rebirth pre-registration landing page on Safari
Credit: ONE Esports

The Ragnarok Rebirth pre-registration process is easy and comes with a ton of benefits.

Players who sign up during the pre-registration period will receive various Ragnarok Rebirth pre-order rewards in in-game items.

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Upon completion of the Ragnarok Rebirth pre-registration, players will receive 100 free draws and 300,000 crystals.

More than that, players will receive cumulative rewards which scales based on the total number of pre-registrations achieved before the official release.

500,0001 x Enhancement Material Chest
3 x Yggdrasil Leaves
10,000 x Zeny
1,000,000100 x Fehu Dusts
2 x Pet Seal Orbs
20,000 x Zeny
2,000,0001 x Normal Box Card
1 x Book of Champion’s Mastery
30,000 x Zeny
2,500,00001 x Vitality Potion
1 x Treasure Map
30,000 x Zeny
3,000,0001 x Trickster Cat Tail

Users who pre-register through Google Play will receive exclusive rewards upon completion of the pre-registration process.

A guide to Ragnarok Rebirth pre-registration

To pre-register for Ragnarok: Rebirth, follow these steps:

Ragnarok Rebirth in App Store
Credit: ONE Esports
  1. Visit the official pre-registration page.
  2. Choose your corresponding store: Google Play, the App Store, or Huawei App Gallery.
  3. Click the pre-registration button for Ragnarok: Rebirth.
  4. Complete the registration process to secure your spot and become eligible for pre-registration rewards.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to start your adventure in the world of Ragnarok: Rebirth with a head start.

Pre-register today and prepare to defend Rune-Midgard from the looming threat of Baphomet’s resurrection!

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