The esports scene in Japan received a huge boost earlier this week when Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp (NTT Corp), via four of its subsidiaries, paired up with two non-related industry partners.

The goal of this collaboration — forming the new entity known as NTTe-Sports — is to establish and manage Japan’s first-ever multi-purpose esports facility.

All six — NTT East Corp, NTT West Corp, NTT Advertising Inc, and NTT Urban Solutions Inch, along with Sky Perfect JSAT Corp and Taito Corp — managed to raise JPY300 million in capitalization.

The reveal trailer and the entire press conference, only in Japanese and without English subtitles, can be viewed below:

Located at Akihabara UDX, NTTe-Sports will start operating after July 2020 and will be loaded with cutting-edge technology. This includes deploying and using localized 5G wireless networks and the latest gaming PC hardware.

With this funding and next-gen technologies, NTTe-Sports will be operating as a large-capacity gaming location that can host major esports events, act as a development platform for esports talents, be used as an esports demo area for industry players, and offer studio capabilities, including video content distribution services.

NTTe-Sports will also be working with industry players to expand interest for esports within Japan. This includes:

  • Co-sponsoring the “Fighting Gods Festival 2020 — World Championship of ARCADE” with Taito Corp
  • Seeking overseas collaboration with partners who are already making waves in the ecosystem
  • Introducing, driving, and sustaining esports development in educational institutions

The tentative launch date for this new esports facility in Japan is timely as it will coincide with the upcoming Olympics 2020 and the Intel World Open 2020.

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