Nintendo 64 classic Pokémon Snap is coming back after 21 years, this time for the Nintendo Switch.

While the original game (and presumably the sequel) is set on Pokémon Island, we can’t help but wonder what it would look like if it was set in Southeast Asia instead.

Probably something like this.

5. Squirtle (Squirtle Squad)

Location: Boracay, Philippines

This group of Squirtle would surely enjoy the small island of Boracay. With its white sand, crystal clear waters, and bustling night scene, the Squirtle Squad is set to have the time of their lives!

4. Red Gyarados

Location: Marina Bay, Singapore

Marina Bay in Singapore is famous for its iconic Merlion statue that spouts water from its mouth, but Gyarados definitely has it beat with its Hydro Pump move. Why is Gyarados red? It’s the national color of Singapore!

3. Hitmonlee

Location: The Grand Palace, Thailand

At the heart of Bangkok, Thailand lies The Grand Palace, home of the Thai monarchy. The Thai monarchy has always supported Muay Thai, which is why it’s called “The Sport of Kings” and why you’ll find kickboxing Pokémon Hitmonlee there.

2. Kommo-o

Location: Komodo Island, Indonesia

Komodo Island in Indonesia is famously the home of Komodo Dragons, but you might also find dragon/fighting type Pokémon, Kommo-o, there.

1. Lapras

Location: Inle Lake, Myanmar

Head to Inle Lake in Myanmar and you might be able to spot a very rare Lapras photobombing these leg-rowing fishermen who are catching fish the traditional Burmese way.

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