Fortnite’s v11.50 patch is out now and sees the return of the much-loved Launch Pad, as well as the introduction of Unreal Engine’s new Chaos physics system.

The Launch Pad is a high-value utility item in the Battle Royale mode and was removed from the game when Fortnite’s Chapter 2 was released.

Ever since then, players have been complaining about the game’s lack of mobility options to get around the map.

For now, the Launch Pad is only available in non-competitive playlists.

Epic Games has also implemented the Unreal Engine’s Chaos physics system.

The new feature is a visual improvement that adds extra depth to structural demolitions in Fortnite.

But the game developer does expect issues to arise with the addition of the new physics system and says “We’ll be closely monitoring your feedback.”

Patch v11.50 also comes with the new Love and War event with a brand new Search and Destroy limited-timed-mode.

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