The new v8.01 update for Fortnite: Battle Royale has been released, headlined by the addition of the previously leaked Buried Treasure item and new limited-time mode.

Players can use the new Buried Treasure maps to track down buried treasure chests that contain a trove of loot that are of legendary rarity. Once player have located a buried treasure chest, they can use their pickaxes to dig it up.

The Buried Treasure maps can be found from Floor Loot and Chests, but only one map can be held at a time.

This new Buried Treasure mechanic is a nice thematic addition for the pirate-themed Fortnite Season 8.

The v8.01 content update also added a new limited-time mode called Slide Duos.

In this mode, friction has been greatly lowered and the maximum running speed for players has been greatly raised, with falling damage removed as well. To help players navigate this slippery mode, they will automatically receive infinite ammo Grapplers.

The new content update also vaulted Bottle Rockets as well as lowered the availability of the Clinger and Infantry Rifles from floor loot and chests.