No matter how fast your fingers were, it seemed like buying The International 11 tickets came down to a bit of luck.

Ticketmaster, the official site for TI11 tickets, featured a randomized queue for hopefuls looking to buy a ticket. However, with a limit of five tickets per day, per person, every TI11 ticket was sold out within minutes after the 10 a.m. start time.

Scalpers are already selling TI11 tickets for S$1,200

Arteezy in The International 2021 (TI10)
Credit: Valve, ONE Esports

With tickets sold in only one wave, that means that every seat at the Dota 2 tournament is accounted for—except for scalpers willing to trade their ticket in for extra hundreds of dollars.

Carousell, a popular consumer marketplace in Singapore, is already filled with listings for tickets, mostly for the grand finals at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Prices range roughly from S$800, with some even going upwards of S$1,200.

If you’re looking to travel to Singapore, it might be a tough moral quandary to spend your hard-earned money on marked up tickets. But if you’ve already paid for travel and accommodation, there’s still things to do in Singapore—and hopefully, a few viewing events for those of us that failed to buy tickets.

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