Team Aster bested forZe eSports in Group A of the first day of the StarLadder Kyiv Minor.

Song “Sccc” Chun was the standout player of the game, getting off to an amazing start in game one.

Sccc’s Sven already farmed a Mask of Madness, Crystalys, and Yasha 15 minutes into the game. He then proceeded to cleave his way through the entire forZe lineup and secure an impressive Rampage that put team Aster ahead.

As the game progressed, forZe managed to erase Aster’s gold lead and threaten the Chinese team’s core heroes thanks to Alexander “Gibkiy” Tkachenko’s skilled Meepo performance.

forZe tried to prolong the game by claiming the Aegis of the Immortal for Gibkiy’s Meepo. But Aster was prepared to take a fight at the Roshan Pit and this is where Kee “ChYuan” Ng’s Storm Spirit cut off the Russian squad’s retreat, which led to a team wipe and the end of the game.

With a 2-0 victory, Team Aster now advances to the Playoffs of the StarLadder Kyiv Minor.

Meanwhile, forZe eSports await the winner of Business Associates and BOOM Esports’ Group A Losers’ Match which starts on March 6, 8 a.m (GMT +8).

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