Following yesterdays playoff stages, only three teams were left and the matches they played did not disappoint.

EHOME absolutely dominated in their first match of the day; with their opponents Alliance conceding just after 19 minutes. While they performed better in the next game, the Chinese squad with two TI winners would not be denied, and their superior team fight ability gave them the victory. Alliance ended their tournament run in third place, earning US$35,000 and 90 much needed Dota Pro Circuit points.

EHOME’s run against Ninja in Pyjamas in the grand finals featured back and forth games. Despite Neta “33” Shapira’s amazing Broodmother play in game one, EHOME was able to keep pace. But, at the 50-minute mark, they lost a game-clinching clash, resulting in NiP taking the early series advantage.

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The European squad seemed poised to win another game, but the Chinese squad was able to turn things around with their Medusa pick. In the following match, NiP was one step ahead of their opponents, winning insane team fights and taking a 2–1 lead.

With the NiP’s victory almost at hand, EHOME managed to take one game back, and rolled through Alliance to set up an intense final bout.

With the tournament trophy on the line, NiP’s team captain Peter “PPD” Dager decided to run an aggressive Huskar-Drow Ranger draft. However, each time NiP tried to push into the base, they were constantly repelled by EHOME.

With the tables turned, the Chinese squad now threatened to take their own set of barracks, but NiP was able to swing momentum back into their side and defend in amazing fashion by putting pressure on EHOME. At the end, EHOME’s heroes fell one by one while the European squad stood victorious.

NiP finished the Dota PIT Minor 2019 with US$125,000, 120 DPC points and a spot at MDL Disneyland Paris Major while EHOME walked away with a respectable US$65,000 and 100 DPC points as runner-up. You can check the breakdown below.

Screenshot: Liquipedia