The Dota 2 community has spoken, and the three Best Short Films of 2019 are Path of Vengeance, The Curse of the Immortal, and Donkey Spirit.

After their “GLHF” short film finished third place at last year’s contest, 4fun returned and took first place this year with their new short, “Path Of Vengence.” 4fun, along with its animator Tommy Charge and its 3D modeler Maria Anikina, will receive US$25,000.

At second place with at US$10,000 prize is “The Curse of the Immortal” by Bunkerlingz, which focused on Roshan’s backstory and the Aegis of the Immortal.

Lastly, Donkey Spirit, made by Nayram, which tells the tale about a determined courier making the difference for its team, took home third place and won US$5,000.

The rest of the top 10 filmmaker teams will all also receive US$500 each as well.

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