From parallel universes to backstories about trophies, there’s plenty of amazing entries in this year’s Short Film Contest for The International 2019 (TI9).

Without further ado, here are our favorites of the 90-second flicks.

Editor’s note: The ones that have made this list do not reflect the voting on either the Steam Workshop or TI 2019 Battle Pass.

  • Parallel Universes (by MPisLow): This is a very fun take on what two Dota 2 characters — Pudge and Invoker — experienced when they are caught in a Black Hole.

  • Will of the Lake (by BOLT): One of the better dramatic entries for this year’s contest, it tells the tale of a young creep finding a life-long friend in a Morphling.

  • Ziplash (by Anomidae): A simple yet fun chase that lines up all its gags nicely. Like Mr Bean and Road Runner, the characters only emote with expressions, body movements, and sounds effects.

  • The Curse of the Immortal (by Bunkerlingz): It’s not often a Battle Arena objective gets a strong backstory. While it does feel like a one-shot fanfic, it’s nicely done and ties into the Dota 2 lore neatly.

  • Memoir of The Courier (by 😀 Rocket Lamb): Does anyone know how stressed out the courier can be? Or how it always tries its best to get those orders delivered on the battlefied? This tragic satire balances the laughs and anxiety very well. The end-credit scene though…not so nice.

  • Donkey Spirit (by Nayram): Another courier’s tale just because they don’t get enough credit for their sacrifices. This one is more intense and, for some, will feel more relatable to.

  • Commend! (by D C): A first-time entry that manages to exemplify what a selfish Jungler, in the most ideal setting, is capable of. While it’s a fun spoof, please do not consider this as a winning strategy.

  • Between the Match (by moshui): Ever wondered what happens during the interims after one Ancient falls? This entry shows a “What could be?” scene if Dota 2 follows the Wreck-it Ralph playbook.

All entries for this year’s Dota 2 Short Film Contest can be viewed here, courtesy of Ziplash’s Anomidae. Public voting is still open in the Steam Workshop. As always, gamers must own Dota 2 and have a good standing on Steam to qualify as a voter. Those with TI 2019 Battle Passes can also weigh in during the final selection process.

Winning entries will be announced and showcased at the TI 2019 main stage, including all livestream channels. The grand prize winner will take home US$25,000, while runner-ups will respectively receive US$10,000 and US$5,000. US$500 will also be awarded to the other seven finalists.

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