You never know when a custom game will become a massive hit, but Dota Auto Chess, like Counter-Strike and Dota before it, is a winner by any definition.

The game, spawned out of Dota 2‘s custom game mode, is just four months old but has already surpassed eight million subscribers, an increase from its 4.5 million subscribers back in February this year.

Since its creation, the developers, China-based Drodo Studio, has constantly updated the game with new features, such as season rewards, new chess pieces and a Dota Auto Chess app for Android.

And the developer is looking to keep the game’s momentum going, having partnered with Chinese streaming platforms Varena and, as well as several Chinese esports teams to launch the Chinese Autochess Elite Community, reported VPesports.

The partnership aims to build a professional ecosystem for Dota Auto Chess by scouting for up-and-coming talent, then putting them through a series of trials to separate them from casual players.

Right now though, the CAEC is only applicable to local players, with no word yet on a global equivalent.

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