Valve’s latest Dota 2 update, patch 7.31c is a relatively large encompassing balance patch that aims to take down the most pervasive heroes, creeps, and items by a notch, while slightly buffing some underused heroes.

While Dota 2 fans were secretly hoping for a latter patch to fix some of 7.31’s biggest issues before the Stockholm Major, few actually expected it.

Harpy Scout and Dark Troll Summoner spoiled the neutral creep market

Harpy Scout, observer ward
Credit: Valve

In the previous patch, these two creeps were the number one priority for any hero that can take over a neutral creep. With 7.31c, this should change significantly—especially for the Harpy.

The Harpy Scout received massive hits to its Take Off mana cost, nearly doubling it, and to its vision range. This means that using the skill, even as a Helm of Dominator creep, will finally drain its mana, preventing the Scout from being a permanent flying ward.

Its range was also reduced drastically from 1800/1800 day/night to 1200/800, making it far more situational, and places more importance on its positioning.

The Dark Troll Summoner, another popular neutral creep, was let off relatively easy. Often the first creep of choice for an Enchantress to pressure towers, Raise Dead and the skeleton army all got minor changes. Rally can still shred buildings if left unattended to, but will be easier to kill if people are attentive.

IceFrog wants you to buy Vladmir’s Offering and its upgrades in 7.31c

Amidst a sea of nerfs for popular items like Desolator, Spirit Vessel, and Satanic, Vladimir’s Offering and its new upgrade, Wraith Pact, were the only items to receive significant buffs.

Vladmir’s Offering is now cheaper by 150 gold, which impacts both Helm of the Overlord and Wraith Pact. Both upgraded items also got slight boosts to their lifesteal and mana regen aura, while Wraith Pact’s active, the Wraith Reprisal totem, now reduces more enemy damage, and deals more DPS.

Meta heroes like Death Prophet, Tiny were not spared

Dota 2 Tiny Majesty of the Colossus
Credit: Valve

While the patch refrained from any drastic changes due to the incoming Stockholm Major on May 12, the patch’s biggest nerf award arguably goes to Death Prophet.

The hero’s Exorcism now deals 50 percent less damage to buildings, after an undocumented change made it deal double the damage to them. It’s a sort of reversion to the mean, but will hurt the hero’s sieging capabilities. She’s still a capable laner and great teamfight hero, but it’s likely that we’ll see less of her in the support positions.

Tiny is going to deal less damage to everything after this patch. Tree Grab’s building damage has been decreased, ultimate Grow’s bonus was reduced, and his carry talent was moved to level 20 to further slow down his timings.

While individually small number changes, these should compound into a significant impact on the hero’s pick rate and win rate, especially since other meta carries like Templar Assassin and Medusa got off relatively easy.

Primal Beast was also changed quite a bit even though the hero will not be able to make an appearance in the Stockholm Major. But he should be less of a terror in pubs, where he’s proven to be a menacing predator.

Other notable nerfs includes Sand King and Necrophos, two of 7.31’s premier offlaners, as well as Pugna, who has quickly become one of the game’s best defensive supports.

You can read the full 7.31c patch notes here.

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