Cosplay has long been a popular hobby for fans around the world. It allows them to immerse themselves in the worlds of their favorite characters. But for this family, cosplay is more than just a hobby — it’s a special bonding activity that spans generations.

The Ramos family garnered attention when they attended ConQuest 2023 with their incredible My Hero Academia cosplay. This beloved anime series, set in a world where individuals possess unique superpowers called quirks, has captured the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. And the Ramos family is no exception.

ONE Esports had the pleasure of chatting with the Ramos family to discuss their cosplay adventures and how it all began.

The Ramos family explains how they started cosplaying and share the story behind their My Hero Academia cosplay

Ramos family's My Hero Academia cosplay shoot
Credit: cosplay2sibs, ONE Esports

At ConQuest 2023, the youngest member of the family, Enzo, stole the show dressed as the fiery hero Bakugo Katsuki. His older sister, Lisle, showcased her crime-fighting prowess as Asui “Froppy” Tsuyu. 

But it wasn’t just the kids who embraced the cosplay magic. Parents Majoy and Chris took on the roles of Jiro “Earphone Jack” Kiyoka and villain All for One, respectively.

The grandparents’ involvement makes the Ramos family’s cosplay journey even more extraordinary. Jobert, a sprightly 57-year-old, and Mila, an energetic 76-year-old, didn’t hesitate to join the cosplay fun. They attended ConQuest 2023 dressed as Torino “Gran Torino” Sorahiko and Shuzenji “Recovery Girl” Chiyo, respectively.

The Ramos family told ONE Esports they love the My Hero Academia anime. In fact, they are part of a cosplay group comprising MHA fanatics who came together to recreate scenes from the anime.

The family’s cosplay journey began with Lisle and Enzo. Chris fondly recalls that his children were “closet cosplayers” before they started cosplaying at events and conventions. They would dress up at home and occasionally participate in Halloween events. Chris himself took on the task of creating their costumes and props, showcasing his creativity and dedication as a supportive father.

Ramos family's My Hero Academia cosplay at ConQuest 2023
Credit: ONE Esports

“I remember crafting a Maleficent costume for Lisle when she was just five years old, and Enzo’s first costume was an adorable, low-cost Minions outfit from the movie when he was still a baby,” Chris shared. “For Lisle’s seventh birthday, I even made her a custom Wonder Woman costume, which became the highlight of her superhero-themed party.”

When COVID-19 restrictions were lifted, and cosplay events resumed, the Ramos family decided to take their passion to the next level. They attended an event at Ayala Circuit called FanFes Circuit 2023, marking their first official family outing dedicated to cosplay. While at the event, they truly experienced the sense of community and camaraderie within the cosplay world, inspiring Chris to craft even more intricate costumes for his family.

The family’s passion for cosplay blossomed even further when Lola Mila, the children’s grandmother, asked Majoy about the allure of their new hobby. Majoy, in turn, invited her parents to join them at cosplay conventions rather than being left at home during their family outings. It was an opportunity for the grandparents to spend quality time with their grandkids and connect with fellow enthusiasts who appreciated their dedication to cosplay.

Looking ahead, the Ramos family has big plans for their cosplay journey. They are excited to portray characters from Naruto’s Sand Village, with Enzo eagerly taking on the role of Gaara and is excited to lead the village.

You can follow the Ramos family on their official cosplay page, cosplay2sibs, and support their work. Meanwhile, grandparents Mila and Jobert now also have an official cosplay page, Labs and Thunder.

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