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In 2016, My Hero Academia burst onto the anime scene, unleashing a world where quirks redefine normalcy, and heroes rise in the face of adversity. 

Amidst the many seasons and movies, it is important to know the correct My Hero Academia watch order.

This gives you a clear understanding of the progressions of the different main characters in My Hero Academia.

Izuku Midoriya stands on rooftop overlooking the city in ONE Esports featured image for article "Full list of all My Hero Academia main characters and their factions"
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Full list of all My Hero Academia main characters and their factions

My Hero Academia introduces us to Izuku Midoriya, a seemingly ordinary student thrust into an extraordinary world of quirks—superpowers that define society.

Midoriya’s origin story begins when he becomes the successor of Japan’s greatest hero, All Might.

You can find out how the series’ story unfolds by correctly watching My Hero Academia in order.

My Hero Academia watch order for the anime and movies

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5 best anime to watch if you like My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia offers content spanning anime seasons, full-length feature films, OVAs, and special episodes.

Unlike some anime series, the chronological order may not always be evident.

However, understanding the characters enhances the experience, particularly with flashback content. Given this, here’s our recommended My Hero Academia watch order.

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My Hero Academia movies and OVAs watch order — are they canon and worth watching?
Season 113 episodesApril 2016
Save! Rescue Training! (OVA)1 episodeNovember 2016
Season 2 (cour 1)20 episodesApril 2017
Training of the Dead (OVA)1 episodeJune 2017
Season 2 (cour 2)5 episodesSeptember 2017
All Might Rising (special)1 episodeFebruary 2019
Two Heroes (movie)1 hour 38 minute filmAugust 2018
Season 3 (cour 1)14 episodesApril 2018
Make It! Do-or-Die Survival Training (OVA)2 episodesAugust 2020
Season 3 (cour 2)15 episodesJune 2018
Season 425 episodesOctober 2019
Heroes Rising (movie)1 hour 44 minute filmDecember 2019
Departure (OVA)1 episodeFebruary 2022
Season 525 episodesMarch 2021
World Heroes’ Mission1 hour 45 minute filmAugust 2021
Hero League Baseball (OVA)1 episodeJune 2022
Laugh! As If You Are in Hell (OVA)1 episodeJune 2022
Season 625 episodesOctober 2022
UA Heroes Battle1 episodeOctober 2023
Season 7 recap2 episodesApril 2024
Season 7TBAMay 2024

The varying release dates of My Hero Academia seasons and OVAs can be attributed to the post-season digital distribution.

The OVAs are released alongside the official DVD or Blu-ray sets of a particular season.

When it comes to the My Hero Academia movies like Two Heroes, Heroes Rising, and World Heroes Mission, their place in the watch order is more complex.

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These movies, unlike the seasons, aren’t direct adaptations of the My Hero Academia manga’s original storyline. Consequently, pinpointing their precise placement in the timeline can’t be made certain.

We’ve placed the movies based on the character developments of Midoriya that align with the corresponding anime season.

Where to watch My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is available on Crunchyroll, Netflix, Disney Plus, Funimation, Apple TV, and Bilibili.

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Disney Plus
Apple TV

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