League of Legends’ Jinx has captured the hearts of MOBA players since her debut in 2013. Known for her manic and impulsive nature, Jinx has become an enduring icon among bot laners in the community.

Jinx has stood the test of time, captivating players with her wild personality and unmatched energy. Her influence extends beyond the realm of League of Legends, making appearances in Fortiche Production and Netflix’s Arcane series. Regardless of shifting metas, Jinx’s popularity remains unwavering, solidifying her position as a beloved figure among the game’s enthusiasts.

Streamer and OTK co-owner Emily “Emiru” Schunk paid tribute to this beloved champion with an incredibly well-executed Jinx cosplay, showcasing her meticulous attention to detail and love for the character.

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We’re all going crazy over Emiru’s Jinx cosplay from League of Legends

In a stunning display of dedication, Emiru flawlessly brought Jinx to life through her incredible cosplay.

She donned the champion’s signature eccentric outfit, featuring a bralette and shorts that perfectly emulated Jinx’s unique style. Every detail was attended to, including the matching pink and black nail polish that mirrored the colors of Jinx’s costume.

Jinx cosplay by Emiru
Credit: Emily Schunk

Jinx’s iconic blue cloud tattoos were also masterfully painted on Emiru’s right arm.

Jinx cosplay by Emiru
Credit: Emily Schunk

Her commitment to portraying Jinx did not stop at the physical appearance alone. In a video shared with fans, she showcased her dedication by lip-syncing to “Get Jinxed!,” the champion’s official theme song.

This extra touch added an immersive element to her cosplay, capturing the essence of Jinx’s lively and mischievous nature.

Emiru’s passion for League of Legends extends beyond her remarkable Jinx cosplay. She has previously showcased her talent by cosplaying other iconic champions such as Gwen, Neeko, and K/DA Akali.

If you love her cosplays, follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

In League of Legends lore, Jinx is known as “The Loose Cannon.” Hailing from the city of Zaun, she is a troublemaker who revels in causing chaos with her guns and cannons. Notably, she is the younger sister of Vi, an enforcer from Piltover. They are the main characters of the first-ever League of Legends animated series on Netflix, Arcane.

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