Call of Duty Next is one of the most anticipated events for the franchise fans as it gives a detailed overview of the upcoming games.

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The 2024 edition promises to be no different as it will be primarily focused on Black Ops 6 announcements, gameplay reveals, and insights from developers.

Moreover, you’ll also witness a bunch of your favorite content creators and professional players from all around the world diving into the game for the first time. With that said, here’s everything you need to know about Call of Duty Next 2024 event.

When is Call of Duty Next 2024?

Call of Duty Next 2024 is scheduled to go live on Wednesday, August 28 at 11 a.m. CT. As of now, we don’t know the runtime for the event but it typically lasts three hours. 

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How to watch CoD Next 2024

CoD Next 2024 will be live-streamed on the official Call of Duty YouTube and Twitch channels. If you miss the live broadcast, the full event will be available on the official YouTube channel. 

Activision will likely compile all the key announcements and additional information into a blog post, providing an overview of the new content for those who prefer not to watch the entire event.

What to expect from Call of Duty Next 2024?

Call of Duty Black Ops 6
Credit: Activision

Last year, Activision treated Call of Duty franchise fans with the announcement of Modern Warfare 3 and invited dozens of content creators from around the world to produce exclusive gameplay content.

This years event will follow a similar format as it will provide gameplay footage of the upcoming Black Ops 6 title. 

Meanwhile, the developers may also share the roadmap for MW3 and Warzone updates, followed by behind-the-scenes content from the event that typically surfaces on various social media handles.

That’s everything you need to know about the event, now it’s just a waiting game.

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