Even the Thousand Year Blood War needs a firestarter.

The Bleach TYBW anime is a welcome return to form for the long-running shonen series, but it also features a new faction of enemies and an ever-expanding cast of characters. The latest episode gives us a better look at Bazz-B — brash, hot, and adept with his fingers.

Who is Bazz-B in Bleach Thousand Year Blood War?

Bazz-B Burner Finger 1
Screenshot by: Dexter Tan / Credit: Studio Pierrot

Bazz-B — real name Bazzard Black — is one of the elite Sternritters, the main army of Yhwach’s conquering force.

Unlike most other Sternritters, however, his faith and loyalty in Yhwach are shaky. Used to getting what he wants, he has no problem antagonizing others to do so — even his former best friend, Jugram Haschwalth.

Characterized by his distinctive red mohawk and rough-and-tumble nature, Bazz-B doesn’t hold back his word, nor in battle.

Personality and powers of Bazz-B in Bleach TYBW

Bazz-B's Schrift
Screenshot by: Dexter Tan / Credit: Studio Pierrot

Bazz-B is a hot-tempered individual with a meant streak — and that’s not just talking about his hair. Like many other Sternritters, he displays little mercy to his hated enemies, the Soul Reapers, and little care for his own allies.

Granted with the Schrift H, Bazz-B has the power of The Heat. He’s able to generate fire from his Burner Fingers, increasing in intensity with each digit he chooses to use. As a powerful Stenritter, he’s more than a match for a Captain-class Soul Reaper, as evidenced in his battle with Squad 10’s Toshiro Hitsugaya.

His Heilig Bogen — a Quincy’s signature bow weapon — takes the form of a crossbow, with a handle akin to a pistol.

First appearance of Bazz-B in Bleach TYBW

Bazz-B flaring his cape
Screenshot by: Dexter Tan / Credit: Studio Pierrot

The Sternritter’s first appearance was an explosive one — blasting a hole into Lieutenant Izuru Kira, then brutally murdering three of his subordinates in chapter 492 of the manga, and Thousand Year Blood War episode 3, or episode 369 of the overall series.

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